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  1. Hi, we can't visit the movie on YouTube. But from the character introduction it should be something about detailed operation on how to "manually reset an administrators password in CubeCart v5". We've also tried this, same result! Each time log-in ----- with correct username/password, the V5 screen makes a refresh then nothing happened,shows back with the same log-in screen page, even no error message. Only after we tried the "forgot password" function, input correct username and email, it shows back with "incorrect info, try again". What is wrong, any ideas,thanks.
  2. V3 was used for a time with more than 1 administrators. After delete extra administrators, upgraded to v5.2.5. can't log in, after a refresh, nothing changes. Then freshly installed v3 and upgraded to v5.2.7 (below the limits:1 administrator,,etc., correct username & password...), still can't log in,a refresh,nothing changes. Using "forgot password" function, input correct username and email, it says "incorrect info, try again" as below. השגי×ות הב×ות התחרשו: ×¤×¨×˜×™× ×©×’×•×™×™×, ×× × × ×¡×” ×©× ×™×ª. ×¤×¨×˜×™× ×©×’×•×™×™×, ×× × × ×¡×” ×©× ×™×ª. The username or password should be no problem, because everything works fine with v3. What to do to solve this? Is there any advice,please? Thanks!
  3. Sounds very reasonable,,,... the issue has been resolved, thanks so much for your helps.
  4. Hi Bsmither, the question marks are the simplest ones same as ??? (and it seems each Chinese character was replaced by one ?), no others
  5. Hi, I see there are some very experienced members here. I just have some problems when creating language: 1)Entering ACP 2)Click "Languages" under "Settings" 3)Click "create language" and set language name = Chinese, language code= zh-CN and "parant language" selected as English(US) 4)It shows "language successfully created" with the function page to edit some "phrases" 5)Edit the phrases in Chinese to override the origional English words in the fields. 6)Click "save" 7) Well, it shows all of the edited fields with "????" instead of the Chinese characteristics been input. I'm not code-man and don't know what is the problem, if anywhere else need to do to make it work? Anyone can help,it is really thankful.
  6. Just curious, will you consider to intergrate alipay gateway with your software recently? thanks
  7. Export Format Download Parts Export URL Google Base 1 Shopzilla 1 Shopping.com 1 StoreYa 1 CubeCart 1 Click the "Export URL", all open a new window showing full of text screen. Click the "1", four "1" links open a new window showing full of text screen. Click the "1" after "CUbeCart", it opens a dialogue to let you save a .scv file. Who can help. Many thanks.
  8. Hi Lan! Thanks for the message! It is much better now.Only a little slow in ACP sometimes. I believe it will become steady soon too!
  9. Hello,thanks for your info. Not sure what is the problem, but now, sometimes it is quick to open the store and enter into ACP; sometimes, it is still very hard to open the store and the control panel. sometimes, it even shows blank when you type the store address
  10. CC3 works very steady. just made an upgrade from CC3 to CC5. but now, most of the time it is very hard to open the store, also very hard to enter into the store's admin control panel, not sure if it is the "interim period"? it seems the latest version works not so stable? now our store seems in "strike" condition most of the time
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