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  1. this is the same issue I am having has anyone come up with a fix?
  2. first thanks for your replies, here is more specific info. When it goes from paypal back to the cart the first time it makes me click make payment inside cube cart. then it comes back to cubecart saying to verify the shipping method in a BIG green box at the top, I do nothing except scroll down and click make payment AGAIN and then it confirms my order. I want it to come back from pay pal directly to a thank your your order is confirmed page without clicking anything else inside cubecart IPN is on in both paypal and cubecart and this is the setting inside paypal - http://www.fishinbudy.com/store/index.php?_g=rm&type=gateway&cmd=call&module=PayPal in paypal auto return is set to off contact phone is set to on (required) Contact Telephone On (Optional Field)On (Required Field)Off (PayPal recommends this option) it just doesnt work and I think it is set correctly but not positive. Why does it come back to the cart at all why not a confirmation page? do I need to turn on auto return and if so what URL do I give it? do I select payment data transfer and if so where to I plug the identity token given to me by paypal on the cube cart admin? FYI - this "Profile > Website payment settings > Website Payments Standard and Express Checkout > Preferences." - that you mentioned above and is also in the cube cart admin no longer exists. it is now "Profile > My Selling Tools > Website Preferences > update" this was VERY confusing.
  3. Ok I use the paypal plug in and configured the API and IPN im on cubecart 5.2.5 pro when you add an item to the cart and click pay with paypal, it goes to the pay pal login page, you you click pay the money or whatever it says on paypal it comes back to the cart and you click make payment then it says confirm shipping, you click make payment AGAIN then it say order confirmed. what i want is after login to paypal and click pay the mula, I want it to come back to the cart and say order confirmed and empty the cart instead of all this extra clicking. what am I doing wrong???? there are no errors in the IPN logs it all says everything is great ive tried both web pay /expres AND express only it does the same thing either way is there a hook I need to config or some custom PHP i need to write or what? very frustrating not being able to figure it out
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