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  1. Hellow, I want to change the color off the hover button but I cant find the right line. Somebody has any idea?
  2. Hi,

    I found it. Was a small setting in Cubecart admin 🙂

  3. Hellow, I upgraded Cubecart from version 6.0.4 to 6.0.11 and now my images are not showing up anymore
  4. Hi, is it possible to set my green text of the product equel. Now I have some text that is high on place en the other low on place. you can see it here: http://www.ncom.be/webshop/ Does it somehow to do with the pictures? Best Regards Wesley
  5. Hi, where can I find to change specification to specificatie example: http://www.ncom.be/webshop/evga-torq-x3-optical-gaming-mouse.html Kind Regards Wesley
  6. Hi, I tryed this but no succes for this Kind Regards Wesley
  7. Hi, I uploaded a image file to /domains/ncom.be/public_html/webshop/skins/foundation/images The file calls HyperXGrunge2.jpg. How should I rename the body? Kind Regards Wesley
  8. Hi, is it possible to put your own background in the foundation template? Kind Regards Wesley
  9. Hi, no I don't know what they using for there webshop. But yeah thats what I mean Kind Regards Wesley
  10. Hi, there still some products dat have the ... http://www.ncom.be/webshop/mini-behuizigen.html Do I also find this in de content.homepage.php is has already set to 500 Kind Regards Wesley
  11. Hi, I put a example in it. I mean like this: http://www.alternate.co.uk/CM-Storm/Enforcer-SGC-1000-KWN1/html/product/837322 You can see delivery between .... Kind Regards Wesley
  12. Hi, Is it somewhere possible to add shipping indications? Like for example Cpu i5-4440 Shipping time: 1 week - 2 weeks Cpu i7-4790 Shipping time: 1 day Also is there a plugin for dropshipments? Can the shipping being displayed on the products? Kind Regards Wesley
  13. Hi, Where can you add a favicon in the foundation template? Kind Regards Wesley
  14. I put the images in /domains/ncom.be/public_html/webshop/skins/foundation/images/examples
  15. Hi, Thx that's already working so where do I start to put pictures in it? Kind Regards Wesley
  16. www.ncom.be/webshop Kind Regards Wesley
  17. Hi, I edited it in the the main.php from the foundation file but still no result so far Kind Regards Wesley
  18. Hi, how do you use the BXSlider. I can't make it work Kind Regards Wesley
  19. Hi, This is already set to 500 but doesn't help. I think we have to search it in the php or css file Kind Regards Wesley
  20. Hi, on my webshop http://www.ncom.be/webshop/index.php You can see new products but is it possible to add more characters to the title like now it is like for example Western Digital Black.... Kind Regards Wesley
  21. Hi, is it possible when the costumer fills he's info in for a new account they also have to put there date of birth on it? So when there birthday is you can do a special promotion to them only? Cubecart is a good opensource but missing alot off options in there Kind Regards, Wesley
  22. Hi, I want to remove the footer logo from the crosshatch skin because everything is showing the same like in the header http://www.ncom.be/test/index.php Kind Regards, Wesley
  23. Hi, I want to make in some of my products options like for example when they buy a softwarepackage that they can select 2 years, 3 years. I tryed to make it but I doesn't display on my shop. I think I'm doing it somehow wrong. Can somebody explain to me how to create the correct options? Kind regards, Wesley
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