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  1. ok have got it all up and running but now when i clear cache button it goes waits a few seconds like it would normally then it goes to a blank page, any ideas?
  2. have just done that and still no errors, Im currently on 626 if i do a manual upgrade to 629 do you think it will fix this? maybe some files are missing, oh and im only a few miles away in bradford :) i can see a order created in my admin CP but in payment gateway still blank page
  3. ok ive got most of this working now but as i test the checkout process the payments gateway page comes up blank, there is no error reported in admin cp, any ideas? what are the files that this involves? modules\gateway ? anything else it uses as a reference? thanks
  4. tried agian and now new error ---- Database: `frrtunin_ccrt1`--CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS `frrtunin_ccrt1` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci
  5. ok im trying the export and import, but when i import it gives error ---- Table structure for table `CubeCart_Coupons`--DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `CubeCart_Coupons` and no tables are imported, any ideas?
  6. hi guys in the middle to changing hosting provider to support newer php7, now i have some old versions/files from cc3, cc4, cc5 and the latets one i use cc6. My question is whats best way to backup and restore so I have a clean version of the latest cc6. Can i run backup of files and database from admin page and restore? or will I have to use ftp of baclup all and load etc? also when i try to backup from admin i keep getting error 500, possibily due to size?
  7. ive installed ayden extesion, when i enter it to see what config data is required, there is nothing about klarna. Any help with this? thanks
  8. Whats the cost for this? They are sending me a sdk package which may help
  9. does cc support klarna payment module? thanks
  10. my storefronnt is not loading, admin side works all ok. Only thing i can think of whats changed is I upgraded the noodleman prices with/out tax plugin, ive tried uninstalling this from managae extensions but still no storefront. Anytyhing I should check? thanks
  11. upgraded to 6.2 all ok but now I get error 405 when changing order status. Takes a long time to change the status, timesout and gives 405 not allowed error nginx/1.14.0. Any ideas? thanks
  12. did a manual update to latest 6.1.13 and after looks like some images are missing in the images tab in products and also when i upload a new image it does show. Also would be great to have a search filter for images, scorolling through images and finding names is long when you have a thousands of images. thanks
  13. i see there is no wizard option to upgrade. Whats qucikest way to now upgrade CC. Currently im running 6.1.1 MySQL 5.5.51-38
  14. should be incorporated into CC without marketplace ok ive now purchsed Noodleman plugin and installed via the thunderbolt, but when i enable and try to edit page is blank? do i need to copy some files/folders into my site?
  15. any way to shwo prices with and without VAT?
  16. all done, well nearly, didnt get to exactly the same as before but it roughy there. thanks guys
  17. undo button!? lol got few hundred prodtcs to click
  18. just tried changing back with 110% as you suggested but this only appears to have added 10% on the 10th of the price
  19. ah it would be good if you could disocunt a cewrtasin brand selcted from the "manufacturers" list
  20. thanks for fast reply. now is there any way to show a 10% discount as a sale price?
  21. i wanted to reduce a certain brand of products by 10% so i used this option and selected all the products i wanted change, update seledcted products --> by percent --> 10 --> retail price what this has actually done is reduce the value of the products down to 10% of original value instead of deducting 10% of the retail value and changed the retail price this new 10th of a price. I wanted it discounting by 10% and showing it as a new sale price. First question is how do I get my 10th of a value products up to 100% and secondaly can i change them like i want so new sale price is 10% of retail price. Thanks in advance
  22. have upgraded to latest 5.2.16 all ok, any way to show prices with and without VAT, this most stupidest thing missing from CC. thanks
  23. upgraded to 5.2.8 and now wheni login to admin it says Unable to contact licensing server. any ideas?
  24. cleared cookies and history, https working and back in business, cheers for replies
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