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  1. Let me try to elaborate and thanks for the response. We changed "providers" of our credit card services. The old provider and the new provider both use Elavon. So, all I really needed to receive was a new Merchant number. Our merchant ID to log into Virtual Merchant remained the same. Virtual Merchant now has two merchant numbers, an OLD one and the NEW one we want to start using. How do I get Cubecart to request and process through the NEW merchant number through VM? Obviously, its an edit to the gateway settings, but I am not sure what it is. It might be as simple as deleting the OLD merchant number off VM. Suggestions?
  2. We use Virtual Merchant and Cubecart with Elavon. We wanted to change our merchant number and since we stayed with Elavon, our merchant ID has not changed. I need Cubecart to start using the new merchant number with the same gateway. The Elavon folks have given me a lower case "login ID", my same merchant ID (633042), and a 4 digit PIN number. I clicked on "edit gateway" and put them in where I thought they should go. But, Cubecart is not talking to Virtual Merchant as it used to. What do I need to do?
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