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  1. Very helpful responses. Thank you. I thought I'd have to make a selection under both the order status and action sections. This addresses my issue perfectly !
  2. We use CubeCart to allow for online registrations for some in person workshops we run. We don't need to hold on to the records of orders and customers afterwards, but when I've tried to delete an order in the past, it always sends a message to the person who made the order, saying their order was cancelled. Some of our orders are stuck in processing for periods of time after the workshop has already happened, because it sometimes takes weeks/2 months for the finance sections for some government workshop attendees to pay us. I can't mark the order as 'complete' before then, because we haven't technically been paid until that point. What happens then, is a person may get an order complete e-mail 1-2 months after they've already attended the workshop. Is there a way for me to delete the orders (that are long since completed) without an e-mail being sent to the customer? Thanks so much !
  3. Is there a way to undo a deleted item? By accident, I deleted a product that had some sales attached to it. I still have the records for the sales, but I've lost the product and I don't see any obvious way to undo this. Is there a way? This is the second time I've accidentally deleted something in the past few months. I can rebuild it with a little bit of time, but it'd be far easier if there was a one-click undo button.
  4. Since I created the option set, the store I created is working really well, with the option set including: member, non-member, and student, as selection choices. Each of these has a different price. To make that work, I had to set the workshop price as "zero", and then assign prices to the three options. This allowed me to set an inventory level for the workshops, so I can stop registrations when we reach 50. (because we can't have more than 50 for the room because of fire code regulations). On the "dashboard", it's showing all the registrations, but the sales amounts are showing as zero dollars, because the general workshop price is set as zero. On the "sales report" screen, all the orders show with the correct amount being charged. The store will not let people register unless they select an option (which is great since I don't want people registereding for free). Everything is really working as it should. I'm just wondering if there is way for me to configure the dashboard to account for the price of the options and not use the "zero" price I have right now. It's really a minor issue, it'd just be nice to see the sales reflected on the chart on the dashboard.
  5. You're right, they could order whatever they want. But I also have a membership list I can cross reference with, and we have a registration desk to get into the workshop, which is another level of vetting. It's 50 people max, and more likely 30-35'ish. When I see the orders come in, I personally know most of these people already. If I see someone new, it's not much work to vet them. If there's an error/mistake, i can address that as well. Before we were processing registrations by e-mail/fax, and all the payments were by cash or cheque. This is way, way better.
  6. There is only "one" workshop for participants to attend. We charge a fee for the workshop for more of a cost recovery activity than a for profit one. Members get a lower rate because they've already paid a membership fee. Non-members pay more because they haven't paid a membership fee, and this can help to encourage people to become members as well. Students get a lower rate because they're students. Being able to converse with someone about this has got me looking at this a different way now. I could have created a single workshop as a product, then assign option sets which would include member, non-member, and student. It'd be the same as having 3 different sizes of a t-shirt available. That way I can charge three different prices for the same product, when I only have "50" product spaces, and then I should be able to set a single product level amount, and that should solve my issue I think. I haven't done option sets before but I think I'll be able to figure it out easily enough now that I'm on the right track. Thanks.
  7. Setting prices would not address my issue at all. My issue is that I have a fixed number of workshop spaces avaiable (which is 50), and a variable number of customers and customer classes who are registering. I already have the three customer classes created as products, I just can't set stock levels for them. It doesn't matter to me in the end if I get 40 members and 10 non-members registering...or 40 non-members and 10 members registering, just as long as I don't go over 50 in the end. If I can't control stock at the category level, I'll probably have to switch to manual registration when I get close to 50.
  8. I'm wondering if there's a way to set stock levels by category instead of product. In my case, I have an online store that's selling workshop registrations. We charge different fees to members, non-members, and students. As a result, our three products are: member rate, non-member rate, and student rate. The place where the workshop will be has a room limit of 50. (fire code regulations). So I have a hard limit of 50 registrations available, but I have no idea what the breakdown will be, so I can't set stock levels by each product. I'd like to be able to put in an automatic cut-off, just so i'm not in a position of cancelling on people after they've registered.
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