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  1. Hi have enabled the new google captcha in the store settings problem is it doesn't display properly on reviews or checkout?! see highlight on attachment
  2. I'm currently running version 6.0.5 if I upgrade to 6.0.11 will this mess up all the modules and custom stuff I have done? will it need to be re-done.
  3. Cheers I just arranged by pending checked all on every page and changed to cancelled + delete. Took about 45mins
  4. I have over 127 pages of Unsettled Orders how do I just delete the ones from say 2013-2015?
  5. How do i set a away message on the site as going on holiday so would want a small banner or message to say so.
  6. My products used to have the names of the product then a short description underneath the user could then click on the product title and it would take them to the product to purchase Now the product title has disappeared and only the image of the product and the short description remains and I cant figure out why the only way shoppers can now view the product is to click the image where before it would show the product title that was clickable. These have Disappeared and not sure why.
  7. ok so how do we go about getting this done - I just need to know where and what to edit
  8. How do I add another shipping status For example "Part Shipped" ?
  9. thanks for the reply. So in simple terms how can I get it when products are added to the cart its more visual for the shopper as oppsed to just appearing nested on the left.
  10. its not an image it something todo with the code, (right mouse on the area and you cant save as image, but you can on the actual logo) I want to remove the white space here....
  11. yes that bit - how do I get rid of that - which file needs to be edited.
  12. cheers how do I get rid of the big white box at the top ? http://www.littleocean.co.uk/shop im using skin e-Tone blue and adjusting the width of the cart so you can see more background (its also slightly off center)
  13. on cubecart v6 how do you add a background image to the store?
  14. in a new browser with no cache or previous im getting the same problem.....
  15. Just upgraded from v4 > v6 went fine Now when I click on orders and click print orders it comes up scrambled text?!
  16. Is there a way so that when a client adds an item their shopping cart is more visually displayed or pops up on screen whats added as currently im having users saying they are having trouble A) finding the cart and whats added website URL is http://www.marineaquatics.co.uk
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