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  1. PHP Warning: No callback method defined

    Resolved. Great tech support!
  2. PHP Warning: No callback method defined

    You guys are great. Thanks again.
  3. PHP Warning: No callback method defined

    Thank you very much! I'm on it now!
  4. PHP Warning: No callback method defined

    Thank you very much for the welcome. I have used cubecart since 2010 and remain very pleased with it. ...In regards to upgrading from v4? ...its been a few years since I had v4 installed 4.2.3 Monday 15 November 2010 5.0.0b1Monday 14 July 2014 6.0.0 Sunday, 24 May 2015 I also use google webmaster tools so I will log in there and look for a reset. What exactly are the warnings saying though? And would that be the only way to get them to stop? Thanks!
  5. I am getting the below in my error logs, it happens multiple times a day and I cannot figure out. Should I be concerned? Easy or hard fix? PHP Warning: No callback method defined. in /home/435345435/public_html/skistore/classes/cubecart.class.php on line 290 The lines in my raw access log that correlates to the above errors are entries such as: GET /skistore/index.php?_g=cs& and GET /skistore/index.php?_g=sw&r=%2Fskistore%2Findex.php%3F_a%3DviewProd%26amp%3BproductId%3D3123&currency=JPY it seems to be ONLY bots such as bingbot, googlebot etc that are causing these warnings Line 290 in cubecart.class.php: trigger_error('No callback method defined.', E_USER_WARNING); This error is not causing any front end issues that I can see and is not inhibiting usability at all but it is very persistent in my logs and would like to figure out the cause and possibly stop it. Any help is appreciated Running current 6.0.11