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  1. Same here. Any order placed is not including the cents. E.g. $521.45 amount charged $521.00. $327.21 amount charged $327.00. This is a bug that needs a fix to the module. If it’s not a bug please advise on what is the issue. Thanks.
  2. Looking for a shipstation API plug-in. I contacted shipstation and they do not offer an automated connection for Cubecart and was told a third party programmer would have to do this. Is there anyone out there that has connected to shipstation successfully to push and pull orders, status, etc? If not, can I request this as an extension?
  3. Thanks Al. It's working great now.
  4. During checkout under section - "Choose Payment Method" it is labeled just "Square". I can't see how it is possible to change the description of this to either enter text such as "Credit Card" or enter a file path to an image like we are able to do in the card capture module.
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