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  1. Free Shipping : Lower 48

    Thanks BSmither. I will take a look at it. I have purchased a few of the shipping modules in the past and its probably one of them.
  2. We have the Free Shipping extension configured and in the process, we removed HI and AK from United States Zones. Now on the flip side, a customer from HI is not able to get shipping rates as HI missing from the list of states in the drop-down. Any pointers in fixing this without impacting free shipping.
  3. Ian, The plugin is great. It gives so much abilities for us to process through the admin front-end. What I was referring to is probably a feature that in the future can evolve. As of today, there are options to cancel an order and refund. However, in some cases, customers can change orders or cancel an order and reapply the credit from the cancelled order to a new order without necessarily going through additional card processing. In some case, this is a even swap with existing amount or in other cases, its a order swap but the client needs to pay the difference. Right now, this ability is not seamless through the system. We end up processing this differential charge and reconciliation offline.
  4. Ian, The plugin works great. I entered an order with multiple items and it automatically provided the shipping rates which was great. I tried a line item (non-product) to give a credit balance from a previous order. It didnt work out great. The totals were correct but the field behaved erratic. Question .. how does the customer go and look at the order? login and check? because no emails go out for orders in a pending state. I went ahead and saved it as order received, and the customer received an email. We also provided the customer a % discount and all of the totals looked perfect in the email. When the user clicked on the link to the order, everything shows up but the discount did not display, however the totals were correct. When the Print Order is clicked, the Print Order form looks perfect including the discount. Will purchase the module now. Does a pretty good job. Thanks BSmither for pointing this out.
  5. UPS Contract Module

    Absolutely. I also went ahead and updated to the latest OpenSSL version too. We all assumed that updating php takes care of cURL but obviously not the case. In fact we had to download the cURL libraries independently of Plesk. The normal Yum stuff didnt work.
  6. Nice functionality and something we can use. Does it automatically calculate the shipping costs based on the combined product weights and call the store shipping module to provide us the UPS Ground or Expedited for Intl rates? Also another feature that we were looking at is a line for providing store credit from a previous order or apply a credit balance to a current order.
  7. UPS Contract Module

    Thanks. The server is PCI-DSS compliant with only TLS1.2 permitted by the webserver as well as A+ result from SSLlabs test. The cURL libraries are not part of Plesk and hence it wasnt on the radar whenever the server is automatically updated.
  8. UPS Contract Module

    We went ahead and did a cURL library update to the latest version 7.57 and its fixed now. Everything is back up and running. Thanks.
  9. 6.1.13

    BSmither, Just the user.class? not the cubecart.class?
  10. 6.1.13

    BSmither et-all. We are on 6.1.12, however would like to address the security issue with database class php. Can we just copy that file alone from 6.1.13 and patch it into 6.1.12?
  11. UPS Contract Module

    We have our own Plesk VPS server for Production and a separate one for QA. I have added enough info for Noodleman to t-shoot the module. It appears that UPS were moving away from their legacy tools since 2017 and they decided to pull the plug Jan 1. As of now they are throttling their legacy API calls and the reason for the intermittency. https://www.ups.com/us/en/help-center/technology-support/data-security.page
  12. UPS Contract Module

    We just went ahead and made only TLSv1.2 as the only available TLS on the server. This way all transactions from the server will be 100% TLS 1.2. However the issue still remains. Hopefully Noodleman will have the fix tomorrow.
  13. UPS Contract Module

    You were spot on, it seems that module does not use the Request.class. There is still nothing in the log after the change.
  14. UPS Contract Module

    So, the UPS_contract module stores it error logs in the module window. There is nothing in the request.log for UPS Contract. However I added the standard UPS module and noticed in the request.log that it calls http://ups.com/xxxxx Maybe we can try temporarily patching up http://ups to be forced as https://ups until the developer takes a look and patches it up.
  15. UPS Contract Module

    Unfortunately that wasn't the issue. Its probably something to do with the url change.