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  1. In the secure checkout form, the country name appears are a numeric value. For example 840 for USA. Any ideas where to fix this?
  2. Hello BSmither, Making SMTPDebug = 4 gave the clue. The CN mismatch was causing it. Fixed it. Now both SSL and TLS works as well as PHP Mail Function. Thanks.
  3. This is what I found on phpinfo() Registered Stream Socket Transports tcp, udp, unix, udg, ssl, sslv3, tls, tlsv1.0, tlsv1.1, tlsv1.2
  4. Hello BSmither, We are saving everytime to test. The PCRE library from PHP Info is 10.32. So it also seems to be the latest. If we can see the code thats making the call, we can try to add some debug see why the connection is closed after the server says Hello.
  5. Folks, I have seen others had this issue or similar. We are trying to use SMTP With SSL or SMTP with TLS. All the fields are populated properly and 465 is used for SSL and 587 is used for TLS. However this is what happens ... Can someone point to this code in CC? Store is 6.1.12 and php version is 7.2.30. Error message for SSL... from maillog .. postfix/smtpd[24655]: connect from localhost.localdomain[::1] postfix/smtpd[24655]: lost connection after CONNECT from localhost.localdomain[::1] postfix/smtpd[24655]: disconnect from localhost.localdomain[::1] Error mes
  6. We use PayPal as our payment processor only. We don't accept PayPal. Hence we have to use the Pro checkout explicitly. We have a master agreement with PayPal when we switched over merchant processing from Authorize.net to them. So, we cannot use Express Checkout.
  7. I just upgraded to latest 1.2.5 plugin. We use the Pro checkout. This means the secure checkout form is presented from form.tpl. Question : 1. How do we make the billing info for credit card displayed below as "read-only" or non editable. This will prevent fraud from the system billing address and credir card billing address. 2. Any input on how we can make the text fields small for the credit card number, exp, etc. Thanks.
  8. We sent an email on Dec 10 to your admin email as well as your support email, which bounces. Did you read your last 3 lines properly??? So, you are not able to cancel based on anonymous posts at this forum ... agreed. But you were able to create an account and open a support ticket yourself and link it to a purchase based on an anonymous post here??? We did not create an account, you folks did it. Buying an extension here shouldn’t be creating accounts on multiple systems. Please treat or respond to our email and cancel our support etc. FYI, we did like your extension but decid
  9. Hello folks at Havenswift Hosting.... We have tried to send multiple emails to you folks. We bought this enhanced admin order entry extension to try it out and dont use it as it doesnt completely cover our needs. However we keep getting renewal emails from your system with invoices (Inv# ES-999) as well as asking us to login to your client area in your website. We have not created any account on your website and do not want to create one. Can someone please remove us from your systems so that it does not keep sending us invoices, reminders etc. Sorry, we have to ask through this for
  10. The existing PayFlow Link extension does not work. We will be willing to pay for the development or enhancement of the existing extension or a new one. The Payflow link extension should support "Transparent ReDirect". 1. Info: https://www.paypalobjects.com/webstatic/en_US/developer/docs/pdf/paypal_transparent_redirect.pdf 2. Examples flow of hosted flow logic https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/payflow/integration-guide/#configuring-hosted-checkout-pages
  11. jka

    PayPal Pro

    Folks, Can someone see if they have received or encountered this before. We got this email from PayPal this morning and we use the PayPal Pro extension which works fine. email received this morning from PayPal.... This email is a follow up regarding the American Express setup on your Payflow Gateway account. At this time, we see that a separate Amex processing account was added to your gateway account as requested. Your transactions are currently being submitted against your backend PayPal account, though, not through the frontend Payflow Gateway account as intended. In
  12. Any idea on how to make this credit card form at checkout look a bit more small and concise. The form is under the gateway module. This specific attached form is from the PayPal Pro hook module. For example, make the form small and compact and centered on the page.
  13. BSmither et-all Wanted to share here the resolution to the cURL error 35. We thought that it may be something to do with cURL 7.62 but it was not even though it may have caused it with the latest libraries. We saw this issue only when accessing the sandbox environment but from the same server the Live system worked fine. After some poking around and a few calls with the Paypal integration team we found the line of code that made the sandbox environment cough back at us. We commented the following lines in website_payments_pro.class.php /* ## Sandbox requires TLS 1.2
  14. The SSL Version under cURL is NSS/3.36. I did some poking around with error 35. It seems few others also have the same issue after upgrading to the latest cURL version 7.62. I downgraded it to 7.29 and it worked fine. We have to wait for them to fix 7.62 or otherwise need to downgrade to 7.61.
  15. Has anyone got this PayPal 1.1.14 extension working. We got all the API info into the extension. The test endpoint works fine and successfully. However when we try a transaction through the cart it fails. The error under request log is as follows ... cURL Error (35): SSL version range is not valid. The server has the latest cURL as well as OpenSSL.
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