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  1. jka

    Paypal Payflow Link

    The existing PayFlow Link extension does not work. We will be willing to pay for the development or enhancement of the existing extension or a new one. The Payflow link extension should support "Transparent ReDirect". 1. Info: https://www.paypalobjects.com/webstatic/en_US/developer/docs/pdf/paypal_transparent_redirect.pdf 2. Examples flow of hosted flow logic https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/payflow/integration-guide/#configuring-hosted-checkout-pages
  2. jka

    PayPal Pro

    Folks, Can someone see if they have received or encountered this before. We got this email from PayPal this morning and we use the PayPal Pro extension which works fine. email received this morning from PayPal.... This email is a follow up regarding the American Express setup on your Payflow Gateway account. At this time, we see that a separate Amex processing account was added to your gateway account as requested. Your transactions are currently being submitted against your backend PayPal account, though, not through the frontend Payflow Gateway account as intended. In order to receive your Amex rate, you will need to make sure you are sending your Amex transactions through the Payflow Gateway account. We recommend reaching out to your tech support team to have your integration updated/corrected to post the transactions to your Payflow Gateway account so that your Amex rate will begin to take effect on those transactions. Thank you!
  3. jka

    Credit Card Form

    Any idea on how to make this credit card form at checkout look a bit more small and concise. The form is under the gateway module. This specific attached form is from the PayPal Pro hook module. For example, make the form small and compact and centered on the page.
  4. jka

    PayPal Pro 1.1.4 Extension

    BSmither et-all Wanted to share here the resolution to the cURL error 35. We thought that it may be something to do with cURL 7.62 but it was not even though it may have caused it with the latest libraries. We saw this issue only when accessing the sandbox environment but from the same server the Live system worked fine. After some poking around and a few calls with the Paypal integration team we found the line of code that made the sandbox environment cough back at us. We commented the following lines in website_payments_pro.class.php /* ## Sandbox requires TLS 1.2 if($this->_module['gateway']=='0') { $request->customOption(CURLOPT_SSLVERSION, 6); } */ So, with the new cURL libraries 7.62 which is the latest, this above causes the cURL error 35. Once we commented it, everything on the sandbox site works fine now as well as the Live site.
  5. jka

    PayPal Pro 1.1.4 Extension

    The SSL Version under cURL is NSS/3.36. I did some poking around with error 35. It seems few others also have the same issue after upgrading to the latest cURL version 7.62. I downgraded it to 7.29 and it worked fine. We have to wait for them to fix 7.62 or otherwise need to downgrade to 7.61.
  6. Has anyone got this PayPal 1.1.14 extension working. We got all the API info into the extension. The test endpoint works fine and successfully. However when we try a transaction through the cart it fails. The error under request log is as follows ... cURL Error (35): SSL version range is not valid. The server has the latest cURL as well as OpenSSL.
  7. jka

    Address entry before checkout

    BSmither, we have the shipping estimator working as of now. I think its Noodleman's plugin. In any case, we spent some time on this link which helped explain some of the PayPal behavior. https://developer.paypal.com/docs/checkout/best-practices/ I think we are good at this time by moving some of the buttons around and the credit card images. As always, thanks for your help which always is timely.
  8. jka

    Buttons, svg sprite etc

    We dont have the sandbox test environment accessible over the internet. Will clear the CC cache this evening and try it out again.
  9. The php that controls checkout is content.checkout.php. It pretty much takes care of all the actions. Any chance we will be able to get the User Billing/Shipping address before proceeding to Checkout. The pertinent use case is when the user is not logged in or has to enter the address details. Current flow is that it presents the address form for entry and the page refreshes and reloads shipping/tax etc after address entry. One alternative will be to "not" display the "Secure Checkout" button under address details etc are input or ISUSER.
  10. jka

    Buttons, svg sprite etc

    Will do. However, we tried to added another button to the CSS file, but its not showing up when we refresh the page. Do we need to purge cache etc and retry for it to pickup the newly added button?
  11. jka

    Buttons, svg sprite etc

    Hello bsmither, Thanks again for helping. I am poking around the button styling now. The svg part is a bit too much for now. Question ... In the file content.checkout.php, is there a way to get the address before presenting the full checkout page? Not sure what {if $INCLUDE_CHECKOUT} does, after also displaying the address form. The goal is to get the address form first before the rest of the gateway stuff happens. This will make the Paypal process a bit more cohesive for our avg user base who happen to be 50+.
  12. Is there any chance to know the complete list of buttons, colors etc used in CC such as "Button Success" etc. Also is it possible to add more to sprite svg? After playing with our sandbox environment we have a fairly good idea to make the PayPal Pro integration seamless, however we need to add a couple of different button labels. Looking for pointers on where its controlled or additional options.
  13. jka

    PayPal Pro

    Got it. Did a little bit of poking around and was able to accomplish the screenshot attached. Maybe bsmither or someone can point in the right direction ... 1) Need to make the Credit Card images larger. Not sure where the PayPal image for credit card is stored. 2) Also need to insert and separate the "PayPal Credit" image with a bit of gap or add "--- or ---" between them
  14. jka

    PayPal Pro

    Is it possible to remove the "Choose Payment Method" and replace the "Secure Checkout" button with the Visa/MasterCard/Discover/Amex Logo? It would be a bit more seamless in that case. Would also have to look into inserting a line between "PayPal" and "PayPal Credit" buttons too. Forgot to add ... As a vendor our primary choice is for the customer to choose the credit card option as its cheaper fees for the transactions.
  15. jka

    PayPal Pro

    We are planning on moving from Authorized.net to PayPal Pro for our credit card processing. The Paypal Pro extension looks pretty good. However in the checkout page it looks a bit confusing. There is a radio button for "Choose Payment Method", on the left it has the Visa, Mastercard etc logo, on the right side of the page it has "Secure Checkout" and then it has the "checkout with PayPal" and "PayPal Credit" logo below the Secure Checkout Button. This entirely seems very counter-intuitive at best. How can we change some of these logos around and may them as 3 distinctive choices, (a)credit card (b)PayPal (c)PayPal Credit