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  1. Thanks bsmither. I was on 1.0.0. I did a in-place update to 1.1.2. Hopefully this didnt break anything. Looks good on the front end control panel.
  2. We recently turned on additional fraud detection parameters within Authorize.net. If the AVS etc doesnt match, there is a manual approval process within Authorize.net that happens before the transaction goes to settlement. when this happens the code sent back to CC by AIM is 4|1|253. The users get a response like the attached screenshot. This is very confusing with the "Red" background and the users end up trying couple of times. The normal approval code is 1|1|1. Obviously CC displays this "Your order has been received statement". Any chance this scenario can be handled in a user friendly way. A 2|1|2 is Card declined and thats fine, however this 4|1|253 should accept the order and move it to pending state. Also the text is sent by AIM but CC sees it as a error with the text and background being counter intuitive.
  3. Any chance that we can allow customer to modify an existing order (I am able to do it through Admin console), but the limitation right now is to get the payment from the customer through the normal store front for the difference.
  4. 302 Moved Temporarily

    You are right BSmither. For some reason the 1st call into view cart is a 302 after waiting for 2500ms. Then the actual page loads with calls to shipping module etc and this takes around 2500ms as well. The combined time makes the page loading 5000ms.
  5. Tax

    Ok. While it works perfectly for someone poking around or if the user is a registered user, the tax doesnt display for the store State if the user is not a registered user during checkout. Need to find something other than $IS_USER
  6. Tax

    Ok. Managed to fix this in the content.checkout.medium-up.php Now the default tax doesnt show up when a customer is poking around. Also the Shipping rates display the default State and Country for the initial quote and Estimates. The modifications and additions highlights in "RED" {if isset($SHIPPING)} <tr> <td colspan="4"> {$LANG.basket.shipping_select}: {$ESTIMATES.state} {$ESTIMATES.country} <select name="shipping"> <option value="">{$LANG.form.please_select}</option> {foreach from=$SHIPPING key=group item=methods} {if $HIDE_OPTION_GROUPS ne '1'} <optgroup label="{$group}">{/if} {foreach from=$methods item=method} <option value="{$method.value}" {$method.selected}>{$method.display}</option> {/foreach} {if $HIDE_OPTION_GROUPS ne '1'} </optgroup> {/if} {/foreach} </select> </td> <td>{$LANG.basket.shipping} {if $ESTIMATE_SHIPPING} (<a href="#" onclick="$('#getEstimate').slideToggle();">{$LANG.common.estimated}</a>) <div id="getEstimate" class="hide panel callout"> <h4><svg class="icon right" id="getEstimateClose" onclick="$('#getEstimate').slideUp();"><use xlink:href="#icon-times"></use></svg>{$LANG.basket.specify_shipping}</h4> <label for="estimate_country">{$LANG.address.country}</label> <select name="estimate[country]" id="estimate_country" class="nosubmit country-list" rel="estimate_state"> {foreach from=$COUNTRIES item=country}<option value="{$country.numcode}" {$country.selected}>{$country.name}</option>{/foreach} </select> <label for="estimate_state">{$LANG.address.state}</label> <input type="text" name="estimate[state]" id="estimate_state" value="{$ESTIMATES.state}" placeholder="{$LANG.address.state}"> <label for="estimate_postcode">{$LANG.address.postcode}</label> <input type="text" value="{$ESTIMATES.postcode}" id="estimate_postcode" placeholder="{$LANG.address.postcode}" name="estimate[postcode]"> <input type="submit" name="get-estimate" class="button expand" value="{$LANG.basket.fetch_shipping_rates}"> <script type="text/javascript"> var county_list = {$STATE_JSON}; </script> </div> {/if} </td> <td class="text-right">{$SHIPPING_VALUE}</td> </tr> {/if} {if $IS_USER} {foreach from=$TAXES item=tax} <tr> <td colspan="4"></td> <td>{$tax.name}{$CUSTOMER_LOCALE.mark}</td> <td class="text-right">{$tax.value}</td> </tr> {/foreach} {/if}
  7. Tax

    I may have nibbled on this topic before. Any chance to suppress the TAX until the user signs in or enters a valid billing or shipping address? Right now it pulls the default State of the business and displays it. This is confusing for some domestic and overseas customers. From content.checkout.medium-up.php {foreach from=$TAXES item=tax} <tr> <td colspan="4"></td> <td>{$tax.name}{$CUSTOMER_LOCALE.mark}</td> <td class="text-right">{$tax.value}</td> </tr> {/foreach}
  8. View Cart

    The "Link products to specific shipping services" Extension is throwing the initial 302 and making the page rendering a double call. i disabled it and the 302 went away.
  9. 302 Moved Temporarily

    Ok. I have tracked this down to a Shipping Extension.
  10. I wanted to start this thread separately. For folks using SSL for their CC instances : Can you please use FireFox Network diagnostics and check if your First GET is a 302 for index.php?_a=basket I notice this 302 as standard 1st response for all basket/cart related GET/POST. This doubles the time of your page rendering for Cart and Checkout. However this is not the case for Home Page and Product Pages.
  11. View Cart

    Hello Noodleman, I guess the conflict on the shipping options is causing the delays. (This is apart from the initial 302 for each page reload GET or POST) The modules conflicting are "Calculate UPS Shipping Charges based in Multiple Packages". (FYI, this extension is awesome for our multiple boxes) We also use Link products to specific shipping services. (This does not call the above extension). So we also enable the UPS Contract to call the Multiple Packages extension. Unless we enable the UPS Contract, the cheaper UPS options are not displayed. In a strange the combo of the above works so far. The overall rendering of 3000ms is doubled due to the initial 3000ms of "302 GET"
  12. View Cart

    Will do. However the first 302 GET seems to be confusing. Does CC redirect for SSL? Instead of rendering all pages and agnostic of 80 vs 443? Infant every call on or reload or post all starts with a 302. ?? The URL seems to be explicitly called or posted as https:// . Do this 302 is a bit confusing for all renderings GET or POST as the 1st line.
  13. View Cart

    Just checked. The 2 lines that caught my attention was as follows ... 1. 302 GET index.php?-a=basket 4663ms 2. 200 GET index.php?-a=basket 4585ms Both point at the same IPAddress:443. Then then rest of the page rendered. When I check for shipping options/prices, the same happens again when the page reloads.
  14. View Cart

    I have been noticing some delay when the ViewCart pages '?basket... renders. The main home page, product pages etc render within secs. However the whole view cart, secure checkout is a bit slow. Anything I can do? We do use different shipping options to check for rates. Is this the one slowing up the system, when its initially loading trying to get rates from everywhere?
  15. Thanks. Fixed it now.