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  1. thx I try to modify something.
  2. Not working - its give white site. Search engin from site working wrong. When I in admin panel, and use "Search Products" its working. I put "Audi TT", adn its working better than the www site search form. Where i found code who generate "Search Products" in admin site?
  3. Could anyone help us optimise our shop SEARCH engine please. Basically typing key word in the SEARCH box brings a lot of irrelevant results, For example, searching for “audi TT cruise control “ will bring a lot for different products listed for audi, but the one I’m interested in, named “audi tt mk1 cruise control kit “ will be somewhere at the bottom. We use "AJAX Configurable Search Box" plug in at the moment, pop up suggestion are a bit more accurate, but once you hit ENTER it displays irrelevant results... Our shop her http://vag-shop.co.uk/
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