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    Canada Post module not working

    We are having difficulty finding out what the correct value for Merchant ID is. Using the merchant ID given us by Canada Post gets this response: <?xml version="1.0" ?> <!DOCTYPE eparcel [ <!ELEMENT eparcel (error)> <!ELEMENT error (statusCode,statusMessage*, requestID)> <!ELEMENT statusCode (#PCDATA)> <!ELEMENT statusMessage (#PCDATA)> <!ELEMENT requestID (#PCDATA)> ]> <eparcel> <error> <statusCode>-2001</statusCode> <statusMessage>Merchant CPC Id not found on server. </statusMessage> <requestID>30398167</requestID> </error> </eparcel> <!--END_OF_EPARCEL--> I checked in our Canada Post account and what their api requires is a username and password. Which aren't asked for in the Canada Post shipping module. I also spent time on the phone with Canad Post Tech Support and he couldn't figure it out either. Anybody know what's going on here?