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  1. OMG.....I understand your concerns and arguments.....but NOBODY seems to be understanding or listening to what i've been saying! If I shout, will it help? I DO NOT WANT TO USE CUBECART(ESTORE AS IT WAS) FOR MY STOREFRONT. I WISH TO OBTAIN A COPY OF THIS EARLIER VERSION, IN. ORDER. TO. RE-FAMILIARISE. MYSELF. WITH PHP , MYSQL, AND STORE LAYOUT. THATS ALL! I will be building my own store/cart from scratch. It wil not say "Powered by cubecat" as it will not be a cubecart store/script. so any issues with my store will not relfect on cubecart. Payment processing will be handleD by either paypal api or paynow api, so payment security is handled by them.
  2. Yeah, no there's not. This will probably get me banned from here, or better still, get my account closed, which I'd do myself if there was any way to actually do that. I don't know if you are deliberately avoiding my actual question, or are simply truly not understanding what I'm asking for. I don't want v3...I want the one BEFORE it. WHY I want it, besides having already explained this, twice, is really of no concern. I refuse to believe that you, Brooky, as the founder and developer of cubecart, do not have a copy of every version, and every iteration of each version, right back to version, or whatever the very first cubecart script was labelled. Ok, so its not stable and has security issues....thats why I am trying to learn the latest php and procedural sql (which may not be as clever as OOP or PDO, but is easier for me to learn) so that I can address those issues. As I have said, more than once, I LIKED v2 (although, even though you claim there was never a v1, I am positive the last iteration I actually used, was 1.9), thats why I want it. If its old, if its vulnerable....well, thats my problem, isn't it.
  3. Ok, i explained in the original post about why i want to use it. And its not version 3....i'm after version 2, the one before version 3, the one before cubecart started using templates, and skins, and modules and classes and php that i didn't understand. Look, never mind....I can sesne your reluctance. Forget I asked.
  4. Well, I said it was many years ago....whatever version was in existence around 2003-4. The original one that was free before you started charging a licence fee. The store I just recently installed is through cpanels softaculous installer? I would assume its the latest....6.something. But as I said, i'm not a fan of these stores. I want to get a hold of the original cubecart. Cubecart is your baby, Brooky....surely you still have a copy of the original floating adound somewhere?
  5. I know this is a bit out there....but, well, i cut my teeth on php and mysql with cubecart v.1. I'm familiar with it, I can work with it, i like it. But that was....many....yeas ago. I find myself in a situation now, where I am in need of an ecommerce site. I dont like (read: I can't understand) any of the new freely available shopping carts...PHP has changed since v.3. lol What I want to ask...is if anyone had an old copy of the cubecart v1.7/8/9? I know it had security issues, and old php ... but I could understand it. I've been boning up on newer versions of php and feel i could handle them if only I could first re-familiarise myself with php by playing with an old cubecart. I also really like it ease of modifiability (is that a word? lol). Can anyone help? Brooky?
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