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  1. Hi bsmither! Thanks for responding! Its funny I just started following you the other day. Will each item acquire this category-based boxing fee, or will the fee occur on the first instance of an item being in a distinct category no matter how many items are being shipped belonging to that category? If I am reading you correctly it would be the first part in the above. Let me give an example to be sure we are both on the same page: We sell multiple styles of sheet glass by various manufacturers. Lets just say 1000 different types of glass. All of which are kept in a GLASS category on the left sidebar. Going off the fee per category model then we are looking at each sheet in that GLASS category getting this fee in addition to the pricing that will be reflected in cart with its own line. CART (the below is an example Item Price Boxing Price Sub Total Shipping Price Tax Grand Total Originally I was working on a per item required "option" for this but when you are dealing with thousands of products this becomes inefficient to implement. When I saw the Per Category Shipping it was almost doing exactly what we needed except for forcing it as an option in shipping. Pretty much just needs its own line in the cart and is applied in addition to the base price for the glass.
  2. Hello all. Hopefully I am putting this in the right area. A portion of the products we carry are large/irregular and require framing/boxing (Essentially building a protective shell during palatalization). We need to add a fixed fee for doing this for these products only which can be accomplished by a designated category group. The "Per Category" plugin (below) offered by Cube is almost ideal. Only problem with that is it for this purpose is it overrides the base shipping rate. Can anyone nudge me in the right direction on customizing this plugin to accomplish the following? 1) Remove the per category from shipping options. 2) List a "boxing" fee line below shipping selection dropdown pre-subtotal. 3) Shipping must still be selected and is independent of this fee. Note: Just rolling the fee into the pricing is not an option. Those above my pay grade want it specifically this way. Alternative: If someone knows of a plugin that does the same as the above please let me know. We dont mind paying for a plugin but everything I have seen so far either ignores handling fees or doesnt target a specific group of products. Thanks in advance.
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