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  1. Stock remains at 1 ?

    You Sir are a true gent , thanks so much
  2. Stock remains at 1 ?

    That's fine i found it anyway - just one last thing , can we edit it so it shows on main page under LATEST PRODUCTS as well as i would have the perfect set up then , i know i have been a pain , just i am so gratefull of your help in gettin git set up , the easier i make it for them , the easir not having them ask me daft questions is all
  3. Stock remains at 1 ?

    Cheers so much for your help , i have notepad++ and it always seems to work well , will go edit them now and keep my fingers crossed Thanks so much for the help Ok sounds a bit strange but i don't seem to have this file /skins/foundation/templates/element.call_to_action.php I do have this one is this it element.product.call_to_action.php ? I don't want to edit the wrong files is all All sorted did exactly as i asked for , thanks so much
  4. Stock remains at 1 ?

    Cheers , it doesn't show it on the actual page as such just in the description / specifications ( after some searching , that's why i have missing it before ) is there a way to show on the products main page as well , maybe under the cart button ? Will save them searching for stock levels , or getting a warning I have tried to add a image so you can see what i mean
  5. Stock remains at 1 ?

    Sorry it took some time to return ( normal life away from the internet ) - seems it was down to a dodgy install - i need to set it up to take paypal and offer free shipping to uk only - one of the installs gave me the blank page on checkout. I think i have solved my 1 only showing - this is actually add to basket ? My problem is - it doesn't show how many i actually have in stock so that's my issue for now , is to show how many of that item i have , if that makes any sense - getting there slowly - I did add that error file but when i checked my ftp logs , don't see a error report , if i check via cubecart admin panel it says i have no errors as of yet either - hope this helps now i have tried to explain it a bit better ? It does say a error message if try to purchase more than in stock ie , i try to buy 12 - i get The following errors were detected: Sorry, you can't buy more than we have. We have automatically reduced your quantity to the maximum available. It then corrects it to the maximum of 10 units - so all is ok as it should be except is there a way to tell a customer how many is in stock in the first place ? Sorry to be a pain but if you don't ask you're never going to learn Sorry, you can't buy more than we have. We have automatically reduced your quantity to the maximum available.
  6. Stock remains at 1 ?

    Ok thanks for that , i will contact and ask them about it - it was on there hosting site that it was auto installed as a addon , so hopefully they will get it sorted
  7. Stock remains at 1 ?

    stock level is always 1 regardless , i can change the price and that updates right away - i am on the default skin , it's called foundation i think - cheers for the help Ok i think something must be broke php wise as if i try to check it out i get a blank page as well here http://tinytoes.unaux.com/cube/index.php?_a=checkout
  8. Stock remains at 1 ?

    Hi, Just recently installed and getting to grips with cubecart, but no matter what i change the stock levels too it remains as 1 on the storefront Ie i go to admin put in i have 10 units of stock but on the actual store front it says just 1 What am i doing wrong Thanks