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  1. Hey bsmither, I don't usually go onto forums. I try to look stuff up and do my own thing. Sometimes, I still get it wrong since I am just an old human being trying to keep up with today's tech. Even when someone tells me what to do, I get it wrong. However, I wanted to find out how I can send you something or support you for what you do, personally. I have asked a couple of questions over the past few years that you have helped me with. I stand by my initial reply to your answer that started with Wow! And, I usually go onto the forums to see previously answered questions to lear
  2. Oops, I went back and checked and you are correct. Sorry, I guess I was in a hurry and didn't pay close enough attention. I do really appreciate your help though. (even if I do skim through and not follow your directions)
  3. That's what I'm saying. I had to place it in 2 places in that section. Below is my code now with the 2 places in red bold. It is from about line 506 to 541 in catalogue.class.php. foreach ($optionArray as $type => $group) { switch ($type) { case self::OPTION_SELECT: ## Dropdown options case self::OPTION_RADIO: ## Radio options foreach ($group as $key => $option) { $group_priority = $option['priority']; unset($option['priority']);
  4. In the catalogue.class.php file, you said: Find: case self::OPTION_SELECT: ## Dropdown options case self::OPTION_RADIO: ## Radio options In this area, about 20 lines later, find: $option_list[$value['option_id']]['values'][] = array( On a new blank line after that, add: 'option_weight' => $value['option_weight'], " In that same section, I had to add it also about another 20 lines below so that it was in the array- shown in bold, red below: $option_list[$value['o
  5. Bsmither, I found the problem. I also had to ad: 'option_weight' => $value['option_weight'], to the array a few lines lower in the catalog.class.php file. It works like I need it too now. The only other question I have is where does the option weight get formatted to 4 decimal places? I would like to remove them. Thanks
  6. Hi again bsmither, I followed all of your directions to a T. However, if I use $PRODUCT.product_weight, it is not changed from the options. It is showing the weight entered in the General tab in Admin. If I try to use $value.option_weight, it is null. Any thoughts?
  7. Wow! bsmither! Thank you for the info. You have answered my question and then some. I agree with havenswift-hosting, maybe it should be in the core. I just wanted to know where to start and figure out what file or code I was overlooking. You took it to "Infinite and beyond". Does the b in bsmither stand for Buzz? To be honest with you, I am working on a site that is just a catalog-type site and have been asked to show the stock of different sizes of products. The shipping part doesn't matter in this case, but I will definitely save this info for the future. Since the question has be
  8. Just wanted to see if there is a way to show an updated weight when different product options are selected that have weights entered. I would be fine adding some code to pull it from the CC_option_assign table. Just don't know where to start.
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