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  1. I am wanting to sell a single downloaded software as a product. Is there a skin or template that would be recommended for this? If not, what is the best way to accomplish it in V6.2.2? I have really enjoyed using CubeCart and since I am familiar with it, I would love to find a good option to allow me to keep using it.
  2. Hi bsmither, Thank you for the reply! I am glad it was you who answered my question. I have read a lot of these forum posts and you know what you're doing with Cubecart. This is, by far, the best shopping cart software I have used (and I have used lots of them, paid or open source). I somehow skipped the CubeCart_transactions table. I don't know how I missed it. Maybe because it was the last one on the list in phpMyAdmin or my brain is fried after writing 18,000 lines of code for accounting software along with writing tutorials and setting up the site and the gateway, PCI compliance..... etc. You just gave me exactly what I needed and made me feel stupid, but providing the solution to my self-imposed, oversighted problem trumps my ego! You have my respect. Thank you again and I hope extremely great things come your way for all of the help you provide CubeCart users!
  3. I am using v6.1.13 and Authorize.net as a payment gateway. I am using the order ID as a license key for my software and am trying to check the database for the order status, which remains as processing (in the order summary and order history sections) even after the order has been approved and completed. I assume that since there is a dropdown that allows me to change the status, it doesn't update automatically. The only place I see that the order is approved is in the Transaction Logs tab for the order. I would like my software to log into the database and check that status to allow the license key to be used or not if the order was declined. I have been able to get all of the other info I need from the tables. My questions are: Does Cubecart automatically update the status anywhere other than the transaction log? If Auth.net response came back as declined, would the status "Processing" change to declined in the order summary overview tab or order history tab, but remains as processing if the order is approved? If not, does it store that status in a database table? I can't find it if it does. Or, is the transaction log populated with a call to Auth.net and is never really stored on the site? Does anyone have another idea of how I may be able to check if the order was approved or declined? I have been through all of the status columns I can find for a particular order in the database tables and changed them to something besides "1" or "2" and the transaction log status does not change. Also, if I tried to get the info from Auth.net, the Cubecart order ID is not associated with the Auth.net transaction ID, so that's out. Thanks in advanced for any help!
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