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  1. Error log has no mention of anything Fedex. Only my UPS and USPS calls for rates.
  2. I installed Fedex 1.0.5 with Cubecart 6.4.4 and it does not work. It does not even show in the debug it is being executed. Anyone know how to get it to run. It is checked and being active and I added all of my account information. But nothing.
  3. Did a fresh install of 6.1.13 same issue Ok I figured it out. I had a previous install of WordPress on that server so the information for that install was in the .htaccess file. So I removed it and everything is working. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  4. www.thegeekpit.com is the domain. It is a fresh install. Version 6.1.8
  5. When I click on any link at the bottom of the homepage. About us, return policy, terms and conditions. They all change the name of the HTML but it is always the main page. The contact us page displays what is in the about us
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