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  1. Sup everyone, I noticed that the front-end login form has a remember me feature that only remembers the username. Anyone know how to go about remembering the password as well? Also, It would be nice to have the remember me on the backend administration panel. Is there a quick way to do that? Thanks.
  2. I thought it was odd he was telling me to unplug my mouse.
  3. I've tried changing the tiplocation but that didn't work either. I found a solution but it does not work with the joyride in cube cart. Maybe some code needs to be added to the javascript file im thinking. the solution is https://codepen.io/adam-huffman/pen/eKgIE. I'm going to requestit be added to cube cart.
  4. Hey Hanson, I don't think it has anything to do with the mouse, it works fine as far as I know. For some reason, anytime there is a # in the address bar (such as admin.php#dashboard) and I refresh the page. it jerks and tries to scroll up.
  5. Hey all, I've managed to figure out how to reposition the nub in the welcome tour using the following: <li data-button="Next" data-id="joy-side" data-options="tipLocation:top;nubPosition:left;"> Does anyone know how to get the bottom left? I've tried the following: nubPosition:left, bottom; nubPosition:left-bottom; nubPosition:left bottom; nubPosition:bottom, left; nubPosition:bottom-left; nubPosition:bottom left;
  6. Hey all, When adding tax to an order, I would like to hide the inline-add div when the tax has been added, then have it reappear if the tax has been removed. I find it a little confusing with the box being displayed after the tax has been added. Looks like there are 2 taxes being added. Any ideas?
  7. cool. I'll keep an eye out. thanks again B... much appreciated
  8. ahh, ok.. so on line 234 what does the !1 mean? I changed it to !0 and the scrolling stops.
  9. Hey all, I found the culprit... line 248-250 in admin.js Does anyone know exactly what this is used for, will it have any harful effects if I remove it? var e = jQuery.extend({ updateOn: "keyup" }, t);
  10. Yea, I didn't even think to use the drop zone, that would be even better... I was able to figure out how to add the regular upload form though. For anyone interested. I placed this code above the Custom File Path in /admin/skins/default/templates/products.index.php <fieldset> <legend>{$LANG.common.upload_files}</legend> <p>Select image files to start uploading. There is a max filesize of {$upload_max_filesize}.</p> <input name="file" id="uploader" type="file" class="multiple"> <input type="submit" name="submit_cont" value="{$LANG.common.upload}"> </fieldset> And this code right below global $lang; in /admin/sources/products.index.inc.php $select_button = false; $mode = FileManager::FM_FILETYPE_DL; $path = "public"; $fm = new FileManager($mode, $path); if (!empty($_FILES) && Admin::getInstance()->permissions('filemanager', CC_PERM_EDIT)) { if ($fm->upload()) { if ($fm->buildDatabase()) { $GLOBALS['main']->successMessage($lang['filemanager']['notify_list_update']); } else { $GLOBALS['main']->errorMessage($lang['filemanager']['error_list_update']); } if (count($_FILES)>1) { $GLOBALS['main']->successMessage($lang['filemanager']['notify_files_upload']); } elseif ($_FILES['file0']['size']>0) { $GLOBALS['main']->successMessage($lang['filemanager']['notify_file_upload']); } } else { $GLOBALS['main']->errorMessage($lang['filemanager']['error_file_upload']); } } You will need to change the $path to where you store your files.
  11. Good evening all. I'd like to add a simple upload form to the digital options tab when creating/editing a product. In the event that one forgets to upload a file first, it would suck having to navigate to the upload section and loose all the data. Anyone have any ideas on what would be the best approach to do this?
  12. hmmm. the only changes i made to php.ini was session.gc_maxlifetime=10800 max_input_time=10800 max_execution_time=10800 upload_max_filesize=110M post_max_size=120M max_input_vars=8000 Think I may have to reinstall. That makes sense.
  13. I ended up fixing the error with the following code. if (!empty($_GET)) { $get = $_GET; } From my understanding, the script only needs to continue if $_GET holds a value, if it's empty we can ignore it all together.
  14. Nice, found the -81, awesome, thank you sir. I'm using the latest version 6.4.2. Ahhh, didn't notice that, that makes a difference. the line it is referring to is if (is_array($get) && count($get) > 0) { $params = array_merge($params, $get); } Specificcly the $params = array_merge($params, $get); part I also get this notice at the top of my page Notice: Undefined variable: _GET in /var/www/clients/client1/web3/web/includes/functions.inc.php on line 208
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