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  1. They're useless and told me to contact you guys. Im just going to have to delete the whole App and reinstall it and rebuild my site.
  2. Just the Settings-Store Settings. Clicking save crashes it. I use godaddy and under errors under metrics its blank.
  3. I dont even know where to begin to get it to stop crashing. If I make a change to the email settings under advanced or I change the timezone when I click save the page crashes and dashboard is down for 2-3 minutes. Then it recovers. I have an email error within the error logs. I dont even know where to start to try and get this to stop crashing. I really dont want to do a complete site rebuild.
  4. Bsmither while doing this I tried to upload the logo again to then look at the error_log and everything worked as normal. I dont know.
  5. web server's error log is clear. I am trying to create the error log but I am a newbie at this would this be cubecart's main folder?
  6. I uploaded my logo but it was messed up, so I have tried to re upload a new one and every time I do, I get a time out: There's no image showing now under store logo. My whole site goes down when this happens. I'm not getting anything in the error logs when this happens either. Eventually the site recovers and everything comes back. Version 621
  7. Thank you Bsmither so much. I would give you a hug if I could. Upgrading now!
  8. Will an upgrade to 621 fix this? I clicked your links you provided but I dont really know what that means.
  9. If I have someone create an account they are able to place and submit an order. If they try to purchase without creating an account the State: Dropdown under billing keeps going back to "Please Select" and I get the above error. I am at my wits end and cannot figure this out. Please help me.
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