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  1. I am receiving this error in my errorlog. I have tried changing from Canada/Eastern to America/Toronto and both give the same error. Today, 05:08 File: [controller.admin.pre_session.inc.php] Line: [24] "SET @@time_zone = 'America/Toronto'" - Unknown or incorrect time zone: 'America/Toronto' Today, 05:07 File: [controller.admin.pre_session.inc.php] Line: [24] "SET @@time_zone = 'America/Toronto'" - Unknown or incorrect time zone: 'America/Toronto' Today, 05:07 File: [controller.admin.pre_session.inc.php] Line: [24] "SET @@time_zone = 'America/Toronto'" - Unknown or incorrect time zone: 'America/Toronto' Today, 05:06 File: [controller.admin.pre_session.inc.php] Line: [24] "SET @@time_zone = 'America/Toronto'" - Unknown or incorrect time zone: 'America/Toronto' My research is suggesting this may be a Php issue however I do not know how to proceed. Thanks in advance, Will www.xgeeks.ca
  2. Hello; PayPal Pro (1.22) updated in last couple of days has been rejecting VISA card direct payment. It is reporting an error 10413. When I research this error it is suggesting the cart totals do not match. I have now had 2 reports of this issue. I will contact Paypal tomorrow, but I am not sure what else to do. I am located in Canada. I do not want to post logs as I am unsure of the privacy contained within. If I could get some assistance I would be grateful. Cubecart 6.24. - I am using In-Context Checkout (Depricated) w/ Merchant ID. EDIT: I am now using Redirect Again; Paypal accounts do not seem to have issues. Will www.xgeeks.ca EDIT: It's always user error - I had Website Payments Pro enabled (which if I understand correctly, will capture credit card info and store on my server) -- when I really want all transactions to go through Paypal, credit card, debit and paypal accounts. Is there a better way to communicate this to the client - the little button is very difficult to see detail about Credit Cards still going through Paypal - with no account.?
  3. I think I have resolved this issue on my own. After double-checking I found the [ Priority ] Setting was still blank, despite having set to 1 previously. I must not have saved the setting. Secondly, I was also receiving the Security Header is not valid (once the Paypal button returned) -- My credentials were in fact wrong. BAH!. I hope this post helps others who might make the same silly mistakes I have.
  4. I had my store paypal integration setup, verified working (under sandbox) and also verified live credentials (via test endpoint) were ready to go. I believe Paypal has had 2 recent versions in the last 3 months, so I updated - I am about to launch my site live, and when performing my due diligence tonight, my live credentials entered, I tried to make a test purchase - when I reach Step 3 (Payment) flow, it no longer transfers me to paypal, and stays on my website with a blank white page (normally Paypal interface would load here). I am completely lost as to where to go from here. I removed the extension and reinstalled 1.21, I re-entered my credentials for Sandbox, and tested Endpoint again and it does indicate communicaiton is working, but no transfers to PayPal occurs. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Incidentally; I checked the Error log - only messages about PHP mailer are present. (but mail worked on last attempts-) Thanks In advance! Will
  5. In have been seeing issues with Firefox, had to reset a few times, or use private browsing. I switched over to Chrome at those exact moments and no issues with Chrome.. I am suspicious. Will
  6. RESOLVED: The issue is only apparent in the windows "Offline" environment. Time to install linux and do this correctly!--- a whole new learning curve. After I uploaded my DB and files to my host - no issue, clean as a whistle. Thank you very much Bsmither; I really do appreciate your efforts. Will H.
  7. Thanks to this post from Bsmither : Posted November 10, 2014 I see 'localhost' as the database host, and 'g8f9x9j5_sitemovetest' as the database name. I also see 'cubecart_config' as the table name. I am going to ask that you give some thought to what kind of operating system your account is being hosted on. Please be aware that with some operating systems. lettercase does not matter, meaning that similarly spelled names (or the database, table, column, filename, whatever) that differ only with uppercase and lowercase letters are treated the same. Most every other operating system is very much lettercase-aware. So, I see you pulled up the table name cubecart_config, yet CubeCart is asking for CubeCart_config. You may need to rename all the tables so that CubeCart has the capitol 'C' letters. Or, if you still have the SQL file you used to restore the database, load it into a programmer's text editor and find all the 'cubecart' sequences and replace them with 'CubeCart' sequences. I can understand how this could have happened. Dumping the database to a SQL file from Windows would most likely have generated all-lowercase names. " I was able to get my localhost created website/content uploaded and re-linked to my SQL hosted database successfully; after hours of mucking about and several different errors. NOTE: If you are exporting/backing up from a local Windows host, it will export tables in all lowercase, and upon re-uploading to my server (I manually extracted cubecart and installed it) the cubecart install is looking for CubeCart (not cubecart). Thanks for this old, yet excellent post Bsmither.
  8. I did not specify any special font, and I don't see the special character while navigating admin at all. The character appears in different spots dependent on the skin used. Foundation eliminates the character from the shipping module lines, but they return when I change the ski to say Mauris, Mican, E-sharp ... This is peculiar indeed. I was seeing these in my " welcome " and "terms and conditions " but was able to filter them out. In my database, should every entry be utf-8? some are listed as INNODB and have different formatting. Very curious indeed. I was playing with languages earlier trying to add English - Can and French - Can (mostly by duplicating US) and editing. Perhaps something noteworthy: When I manually download and re-add US back in, it imports the language (directly from markeplace download zip) but doesn't place the flag correctly. When i use a token to install, it does. Neither of my English/French Can attempts ever displayed the flag (i followed you instructions in the forums to edit the srites_flag and add the flag 16x11px to the bottom, and edit cubecart.css to span to the correct location (110) and nothing working. Not sure if this information is related; I don't think so as I was seeing these characters in my documents, prior. Where in Admin do I specify the font? It makes sense skins may differn font, and results are changing, so.. this may help? Bsmither: is this what you are referring to? Will
  9. So the solution is to crawl through the registry using phpMyAdmin, and investigate the module? What if I just changed the font? I didn't have a specific preference... Thanks Bsmither!
  10. I have been making great progress and generally I am good to go! I seem to have acquired some funny characters showing up in my (copied/edited) web documents and now I see in my shipping module (AIOS). I have my setting to utf_8. for example: " � Estimated value " <-- the funny question mark I have been able to remove them manually (seems to be "TAB" spacing in documents by loading in to Notepad ++ and then copying back to description of product. I then have to g back and edit formatting/colors etc. Any ideas? .. I don't mind editing the products, but I have no idea what to do in extensions/modules. Is this a database issue? Will
  11. Thank you. My struggles were resolved with 2 steps. 1. I switched from EasyPHP Devserver 17 to WAMP (current version). ( i added my own phpMyAdmin version and seemingly corrupted it and any subsequent SQL database / user entry) 2. I stopped using the wrong prefix of cc_cubecart_ = which was incorrect, the prefix is supposed to be cc_ for my data tables. (I believe this is the default setting, at least when the cPanel installed it for me) Will
  12. I am happy to announce I have my Windows environment going with WAMP and a fresh cubecart 622 installed and FINALLY reconnected to my DB!. What was wrong? 1. Random issue with EasyPhp Dev Server 17 (my own doing I am sure) <-- phpMyAdmin and a bad database/user accounts after multiple imports/users a.) EasyPHP is awesome, but the current version fell short of cubecart's needs. (by default) It had PHP 7.1.3, and no curl support. I found out must later after installing PHP 7.2.11 and 7.3RC4. (I got curl working, but it took some doing as I was learning!) b.) Apache 2.4.25 was the current version, so I installed 2.4.35 x86 and x64 (never got x64 fully working) that there was some issue with phpMYadmin 4.8.3 (I installed) so my database imports/user accounts never seemed to line up with correct permissions. I abandoned EasyPhp and thought I would give Wamp a go -round. (I am sure EasyPHP will work well, I just got diverted on many upgrades before I could start testing my CC.) c.) During installation I was specifying the PREFIX incorrectly. I saw the records as cc_cubecart_blahblah_table I had incorrectly identified the prefix as cc_cubecart_. The correct prefix for these database entries was cc_ . <--- this is why my successful connections previously didn't 2. Wamp installed right up, did my database import in less than 5 minutes. User was finally showing the correct permissions. a.) Installed a fresh copy of CC622 in subfolder, it connected to DB instantly, and when finished I logged in Admin and saw my orders/customers/products etc.. A few more steps and I was up and running! 1. Manually copy " images " folder and overwrite all factory files inside. - Product images showed up as expected 2. Manually copy " modules " folder and overwrite all factory files - Extensions all showed up. So far so good. TODAY IS A GOOD DAY! Edit: I have noticed a few funny characters, in some of the descriptions - I am looking in to this.
  13. Certainly agree. Although, the price was right! (I'm a cheepo!). $2.49 USD / month, inluding Domain registration. $84. USD for 3 years, done, out the door. I'll hopefully grow out of them quickly; in the meantime I'm digging in! (And I have "opted out" permanently from their analytics. Will
  14. I am doing a localhost using EasyPHP Devserver 17.0 (Windows) and I think I went through this also.... 1. There is a line of code to edit in the sample httpd.conf file for Apache v2.4.x _. .../Apache/conf/http.conf <IfModule dir_module> DirectoryIndex index.html index.shtml index.wml index.pwml index.php index.php3 index.php4 index.php5 ; I had to add the bolded items to the statement. </IfModule> This maybe something that was needed for EasyPHP Devserver install only, I don't have enough experience to know. 2. I wonder if the .htacess file in root is the problem? Those are my immediate guesses. I spent the last 2 days "upgrading" EasyPHP Devserver v17.0 (Apache 2.2.5 x86, PhP v7.1.3, PhPmyadmin v4.7.0) --> Apache v2.3.5 (x86 and x64), PhP v (x86), 7.3.0 RC4 (x86, x64), and PhPmyadmin v4.8.3) 3 Days ago I never dreamed I could host my site at home, for Dev purposes. Edit: Also, make sure ServerRoot "C:/webserver/eds-binaries/httpserver/apache2435vc15x86" ; is defined using "forward" slashes (line:37 in my conf) (Line 225:) ServerName and for me... (Line:249) DocumentRoot "C:/webserver/eds-www" (Line:250) <Directory "C:/webserver/eds-www"> These were critical for me the way my server runs -> the default of " ./HTDOCS " would be at the end of the default path, ( " C:/webserver/binaries/apache2435/htdocs ") although my " public web " folder is placed in the middle of my dir structures by default. I hope this helps! Will
  15. I guess I am confused because you confirmed you could see code injected even in my offline page? Will
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