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  1. Thanks for the response. I've worked through the files mentioned and have an update, but still have not managed to crack this one... My /classes/gui.class.php file does has the function _displaySocial() as mentioned. There wasn't the element.social.php file in my skins/templates folder so I've moved a copy from the Foundation skin over. It seems as if I have 2 issues (I've also added {$SOCIAL_LIST} to main.php file in order to display the links as it wasn't there): 1) element.social.php is not being loaded. I've tested this by adding some simple HTML to the element.social.php file (outside the IFs), and the HTML added does not get displayed. 2) $SOCIAL_LINKS seems to be empty, even though I have two URLs in the admin area. I've tested this by adding just the display code from element.social.php file to main.php. The result is that the 'Follow us' header is displayed, however, neither of the links I've added are displayed. I can't work out how to force the loading of element.social.php, or, why $SOCIAL_LINKS is empty. Any help would be really appreciated. One good thing about this problem is that I'm learning lots about CubeCart which is fun. Regards
  2. Thanks for replying, however, I've cleared the cache, ensured that the linkedin URL has been saved, but there is still nothing showing on the front end. I was thinking that if I knew which file loaded it, or, if there was a separate setting, I may be able to locate the issue. Any thoughts/help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi. I've taken over managing a site and am new to Cubecart. In 'Store Settings' under 'Social Account' I've added a linkedin URL (and saved) and expected it to show up on the site immediately, but it's not. Is there something else I need to do? From what I can workout, this info is being loaded by the file element.social.php, however, I'm not sure where this file is loaded from. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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