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  1. When a user registers at registration and checks Billing=Delivery he gets one address, which is Billing and Delivery combined. When a user inputs his address at checkout (Billing=Delivery by default, when Allow delivery to non-invoice address = unchecked) he gets two addresses, one standard billing and one standard delivery. I'm trying to change the content.checkout.confirm.php (Foundation) in a way that also at checkout the user gets only one combined (Billing and Delivery) address stored in the database like when registering at registration. Can someone help? Peter
  2. I reported this issue, but it was considderd unreproducible. Here is my solution: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2257 P.
  3. Hi, thanks for looking into this. I upgraded from 6.2.2. I found out that 2.cubecart.js in the Foundation skin causes the problem. I brought back: $('a.open-clearing img#img-preview').load(function() { in line 4 and }); in line 14. Problem solved. I'm a bit of an amateur in this field. But does this make sense? P.
  4. After I upgraded to 6.2.4 I have an issue with the images on the Product Page (Foundation) not loading well. Only after refreshing the page they come full size. Do others have this? P.
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