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  1. Thanks again bsmither. I set the "jump to Basket on Add" to no. Then in the Cpanel I found the Content.gateway.php and edited that. There was a section. <p>{$LANG.gateway.none_defined}</p> after that line I added <h1>text I wanted to say</h1> It worked.
  2. If no gateway is in used, A page will come up and says "no payment methods have been defined. Please contact merchant for assistance" If I want to change the above text, where would I do that. What file? This would be a big help!!!! thanks
  3. It there a way to change the buy button. I would not like it to go immediately to entering credit card information for reasons that would take to long to explain. Or can I add another button and delete the buy button. I would like the cart to update, but I would like to have an a text box with an alert of some type. I would like to collect the email and contact the customer at that point.
  4. bsmither Thanks for responding. Your way looks interesting . I did not edit the config.js file. Only because I was playing around in the admin panel and found under documents, edit the home page, went to content, and selected source. Change the the text from http to https and it worked. For what every reason it was hard coded there. <p><a href="https://images/source/asset_03.png"><img alt="" src="/images/source/home.png" style="width: 852px; height: 595px;" /><img alt="" longdesc="www://home.com/images/source/asset_03.png" src="asset_3.png" /></a><img alt="" src="https://www.home.com/admin_abcxyz.php?_g=filemanager&amp;mode=fck&amp;CKEditor=doc-content&amp;CKEditorFuncNum=1&amp;langCode=en" /></p>
  5. My home page is not secure. When I inspect the page It shows a mixed content error. Mixed Content: The page at 'https://homepage.com/' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure image 'http://www.homepage.com/admin_abcxyz.php?_g=filemanager&mode=fck&CKEditor=doc-content&CKEditorFuncNum=1&langCode=en'. This content should also be served over HTTPS. How do I fix this this. I can not find the PHP file to edit.
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