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  1. They're not being used any more, not for 7 months, but I'm still getting issues..
  2. Hello, could anyone shed some light on my predicament? When this shop was set up a custom order number was created as GFNS00000 a few orders and invoices were created using this format. Shortly after the order number format was changed to the default format along the lines of 200805-111111-2222. The store has been running for 7 months with little to no problems, except that on occasion an order goes awry and the error message is this: Duplicate entry 'GFNS01121' for key 'custom_oid' - I can't work out why it's trying to assign an old order number? Many thanks in advance..
  3. Hi bsmither, thanks but I decided to nuke the server and start from scratch, everything worked this time, almost... I think I'm just having a bad day, everything has installed correctly now but I'm stuck with 404 errors for everything bar the admin panel and the front page. I've enabled mod_rewrite and confirmed the contents of my .htaccess file, but no joy. *bangs head on desk* Maybe it's time to go to the beer fridge..
  4. Quite obviously it is, I've been a hosting provider for 10+ years, thanks. I didn't come here for an argument, I came for advice. php7.2-curl is already the newest version (7.2.32-1+ubuntu18.04.1+deb.sury.org+1). It is also enabled. Yet here I am... with it saying it's not installed, as per the screenshot. I have checked and double checked thank you, it is installed and enabled. Looks like it's time to wipe and repeat...
  5. No, the VPS is exactly the same as the other one. I know this because I built both boxes from scratch and used the same guide to install cubecart. There are no php functions missing, every version installs without problem except the newest version. However I now keep getting a 404 error page for anything I click on other than the store home page, I've checked my .htaccess config which appears to be correct... looks like its going to be one of those Mondays.... I've attached a screenshot, curl is installed (not sure why it thinks it's not) this makes no difference when installing older versions.
  6. Hi, I'm trying to install the latest version of cubecart on to an ubuntu 18.04 host. (I already have a working cubecart install on an identical host.) For some reason I am getting the following message when at the install screen: The following errors were detected: Hosting not compatible. Please rectify or setup a hosted CubeCart store instantly at https://hosted.cubecart.com. Obviously this isn't right as I have an identical setup running cubecart and that has been working fine for over a year now. Can anyone give me some insight into how I can remedy this issue? There is nothing to tell me why the hosting is incompatible (when I know it works on another identical host) which doesn't really help. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. EDIT: I have just tried to install an older version of cubecart (6.2.5) and this has not complained and has installed correctly, however, now when I try to upgrade, it now tells me that hosting is incompatible again. ??? Also as a side note the link that is given for manual upgrading is broken (https://support.cubecart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/228/43/how-do-i-upgrade-from-cubecart-v6-to-latest-v6)
  7. As a side note, all the customer sees when this error occurs is a '404 page not found' error code that appears in page immediately after payment is taken and the customer is returned to the shop. The only reason we know an order has been made and paid for is from the payment gateways payment confirmation email we receive. CubeCart doesn't appear to give/have any indication that money has been taken or an order has been attempted apart from the error log showing a duplicate order_id has been assigned.
  8. If there's anything I can do to assist in your investigation please let me know.
  9. You and me both. It would appear that cubecart is trying to reuse order numbers that were assigned to completed orders. 12 was what I'd originally opened this post for, someone ordered and cubecart tried to assign an order number, in this case 12, that was already assigned to a completed order that is listed under Orders in the cubecart dashboard. I've had two other orders go out that have worked fine and used recycled order numbers. (Am I right in assuming that cubecart will recycle order ids if said order id is not associated with a completed order? So where a customer may have populated a basket but not completed the order?) Something has been off with the way the incremental orders from the start but I'm unable to fathom where or why this occurs...
  10. The two that went through OK were 11 and 13, then the next order tried to use 14 which was already assigned to a completed order. Something seems buggy somewhere along the line, perhaps it'd be worth me grabbing a months CC support for someone to have a look?
  11. . It's just happened again. Duplicate entry 'FNS00014' for key 'custom_oid' is in the error log. I've had two orders go through before this that have worked fine.. I have set the order id to the cubecart default to work round this as there should be less chance of an identical order number being used. I would like to know what is causing this issue though.
  12. 1. Yes both orders collect taxes. 2. Starting number for the incremental increase was FNS00001. 3. Highest number in the 'id' column is 30 in CubeCart_order_summary and the highest number in the 'id' column of CubeCart_order_tax is 11 Also my cart_order_id is showing as the default cubecart order id format (200128-163717-3354), whereas my cubecart dashboard shows my orders using my incremental order id (FNS00012). (FNS00012 is the order number that cubecart tried to assign, even though it was previously assigned to an order that had been completed several days earlier.)
  13. Short answer is no. The order number that cubecart tried to assign was already assigned to a completed order that was made a few days prior.
  14. Hi, I'm running 6.2.8, thanks for the link. All other orders have gone through fine prior to this one and after so I'm not understanding why it was trying to reuse an order number that was already assigned to an order...
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