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  1. Hello & thanks @ all Cubecart Team and Community. I need your help because ssl admin tab don't work. let's encrypt is well installed. if i configure manually with htaccess. only homepage run https other pages and content stay insecure also loggin page. ------------------ firefox : La page n’est pas redirigée correctement (pages isn't redirected correctly) Une erreur est survenue pendant une connexion à www.love-weed.fr. La cause de ce problème peut être la désactivation ou le refus des cookies. (accept or refuse cookies) ------------ Thanks you for your support Regards
  2. Hello Cubecart community. I come because Paypal module is not working. All is good configured with paypal (image1). So i click on the blue link for configure Paypal (image2), a little window appear, after i configure all on paypal website. When the litte paypal webpage say me "all it's ok, come back to your shop" and the little windows is closing. I return to the shop and nothing change, nothing more appears. When i try to to paid on the shop no paypal checkout appear. I think there is a problem with the plugin or i don't know how use it. Can you help me please ? I need customers can if not i will cubecart will be unusable. Thanks for your support. Regards
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