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  1. I Thanks again BSMITHER - no that is not correct I am a lot lost - SOrry to ask so many questions - perhaps it is easier to redirect my website back to the way it way, get the info and then redirect again
  2. Thanks BSMITHER - will see if I can figure that out now I copied the link and the password from the old files as well? I cannot see what I am supposed to be looking for - could you possibly point me in tghe right direction? I have other stores thats are running perfectly on CC and will stay there - but this one needed to move
  3. I just tried sending a request to "forgot password" which sends me an email link that I click and when I try to imput a new password I get: I have tried ajusting the email address - still cannot change it!
  4. Hi team, I am hoping you can assist. Last week I changed my website from CUBECART to Ecwid for a few reasons, but the main one being the way that ecwid interacts with my other programs (like Quickbooks online) etc. When I changed I had 2 orders sitting in "ready to go" and of course when I changed the hosting (I was self hosted) I lost access to the admin. I have tried moving the site and can see it no worries, but I cannot access the admin page. The old site is here: http://www.bankswalker.com.au/walmatdesign.com.au/ I have cloned the site using the old database but when I try to login the page just loops. I have tried editing the .htaccess and also the global.inc.php (per another post here) with no luck. I have removed my cookies - still nothing. Anything else I should try please? Cheers, Matt
  5. FYI - I figured this out for myself. Turns out it was timing out trying to send emails and the gateway was setup incorrectly - when it tried to moved the order through the system, it also tried to send an email and as it couldnt it timed out instead
  6. Hey all, I have 2 shops - both setup at teh same time, both front ends working well but 1 will not move orders through whilst the other works perfect. I keep getting this error: 504 Gateway Time-out The server didn't respond in time. Any thoughts please?
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