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  1. Yeah I forgot windows notepad messes things up. Notepad++ on the other hand is a programmers notepad and it's what I used.
  2. Apparently there was an update to the Square plugin at the end of June to version 1.1.5 so I re-installed version 1.1.4 and that fixed the issue. Then when Cubecart said there was an update to 1.1.5 I told it to ignore the update. Postal is for Postcode, the US uses Zipcode which is different, but the box has to be there as I think it has something to do with card verification. But you can change the word to Postcode quite easily. I sorted this myself. If you FTP into the webspace you have Cubecart install on then browse into the "modules" folder and then into the "gateway" and into the "square" folder and then into the "skin" folder there is a file called "form.php". Download this file and load it into a text editor like notepad or notepad++ search for the word "Postal" and change it to "Postcode". Save the file and upload it over the original file. DO NOT change any other words or line in the file as this will break the gateway.
  3. Since the updata on 29th June 2020 my Square gateway has been missing taking the "pence" IE they took £5.00 instead of £5.20 on every order since the 1st July. Has anyone else noticed this?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I did find those other posts. The content of the Offline message has not changed from before I got the error. I took a backup of the database before I got the error and tried to restore it after getting the error. This did not work as I may have done something wrong. I now have double the amount of data in the database. The restore of the database seems to have added the backup to the databse instead of overwriting. I did, however, fix my error. I found that the tables are prefixed with "sw88_cubecart" and there is a second set "sw88_sw88_cubecart" which is the backed up data. I found the config data and copied the old one to the new firld and it fixed my problem.
  5. I recently install a skin and then got this error and cannot see how to fix it. /classes/config.class.php:357 - Config write size error: config My website is on shared hosting so I'm not sure what level I can get to. Any help would be appreciated.
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