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  1. fair point, just looking to make it easier for the other admins to login in but totally agree with what you are saying
  2. Hi, is there a way to have a link say in the bottom corner to link to the admin login screen. it could be a hidden link just a dot or something?
  3. hi, is there anyway to change the speed in transitions between each slide regards JIm
  4. Hi, i reinstalled it and it is ok now, many thanks
  5. Hi, I have found this is only a problem using https:// if I connect using http:// the issue is not there. I installed on https:// any thoughts? regards jim
  6. hi, I have checked, there is just an / in the .htaccess file there is no variable in /includes/global.inc.php thanks for your assistance with this. should I reinstall it?
  7. Hi, I'm new to cubecart. If i click the logo or the home button on my page it goes to /web page which doesn't exist. any help would be appreciated. Jim
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