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  1. When looking in my version 2.1.1, the file /modules/gateway/Stripe/skin/form.php does not exist. I then upgraded to version 2.3.0 -- I'm happy to see exactly what you referenced. And it does indeed solve my problem ("Make Payment" becomes disabled/grayed-out and is replaced by "Please wait"). Thanks so much! Have a great day.
  2. I am using Stripe Payment Gateway (version 2.1.1). Thank you!
  3. SHORT QUESTION: After a customer clicks the 'Submit' button to complete their order, can we automatically gray-out / disable that final 'Submit' button to prevent accidental double-clicking or clicking 'Submit' again? Clicking twice causes 2 duplicate orders to be submitted and processed. DETAILED EXPLANATION: At the final stage of an order process, after a customer clicks to complete their order, there's a 2-10 second delay as the server connects to authenticate the credit card and finalizes the order. During this time, there have been time when impatient customers think there's something wrong after a long delay and so they click Submit to again. This causes 2 orders to be processed. Same order. 2 different order #s. And 2 different confirmations. Is there a way to gray-out / disable the final Submit button after the customer has clicked once? We do not want the customer to click twice. We realize during busy internet hours, the server may sometimes be slow, but clicking twice on the Submit button will only cause a duplicate transaction to hit their credit card. I'm currently using CubeCart 6.2.2 -- not sure if this issue has been addressed/fixed already in future versions released.
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