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  1. Hi Ian, Thanks for your input. Funnily enough, I was looking at those two plugins today, just had a look at @Noodleman's video.These plugins look both interesting and useful. However, it raises a bit of a dilemma for me in that I normally build sites with the MODX cms with either Foundation (my preference) or Bootstrap, and I can get an extension for that called Commerce that does everything I need for €299. So, along with the other few CubeCart plugins I would need, it brings me close to a similar price point, at which point I could go the MODX+Commerce route as I can work quickly and intuitively with that and could rebuild the skin that took me several days for CubeCart (due to the learning curve of understanding the logic and finding where everything is etc.) in a couple of hours in MODX. The time I have spent with CubeCart wouldn't have been wasted though, as I have learnt a lot about it and quite possibly still have a use for it on another site. I marked up everything I did in the skin I've built, so have a good map for skin building now, and have a much better idea of its capabilities and feature-set. Wiil have to weigh things up. Thanks again - Mark.
  2. Thanks again for looking into this. I'll have a look into that plugin, and would be interested in anything you come up with in your CodePen link. I have also been looking at adapting the "Advanced Search" template and may have some milage in that, although oddly, when I put it into the the main.php template the "Manufacturer" search option disappears. Will post any valuable progress I make here.
  3. Hi, thanks for responding. I'm trying achieve two things with this on a clothing site: 1. On a product page, being able to choose a colour option with a coloured box, using the radio button method. 2. When searching, being able to choose colours to filter a product search, would require a checkbox method for multiple options. I have already managed to get the product page size option set up with radio buttons that appear as boxes using CSS. It's not too difficult to change the appearance of all the radio button options together, but to get each option to look different (background-color) is the issue. I'm guessing I need to alter the code within {foreach... } ... {/foreach} section of the element.product.options.php file with a "style" attribute variable, but I am not so experienced in this area so am fishing in the dark a bit here. Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated, or if there is an extra/plugin that already exists for this that would be very useful. I have seen this achieved on one of the "Live sites" here: https://www.thepantoffelshop.be/3-dames-pantoffels Thanks again - Mark.
  4. Hi (CubeCart newbie here), I'm just wondering if you managed to find a decent mod for this? I've found a simple way to turn radio buttons into squares with text and coloured backgrounds, but only with one colour for BG and another for hover, clicked etc. It would be great to have colour options as boxes. Thanks.
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