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  1. Im not sure when exactly this started happening but within the last 24 hours. CubeCart store hosted on PayMonthly Servers. Error logs show this : And the site wont load any content. Looking into it further, it appears the database is corrupt, receiving this error - #1932 - Table 'table name ' doesn't exist in engine. Any Ideas?
  2. Afternoon all, Thank you all so far for any help you have given me, all seems to be going fluidly, However seems some of the shops customers don't grasp certain things. Is it possible to either show the full range of pricing options of a product before entering the product ? ( So £15 - £30 shown on the product as they see it in category) or is it possible to insert "From:" in front of the price ? Thanks in Advance!
  3. Hi All, As above, is this possible? I read that slashing out this line "$mailer->sendEmail($this->_order_summary['email'], $content);" in order.class.php will do it however this doesn't seem to work. Unless i'm doing this in the wrong place? The section I found it in was " Compose the Order Confirmation email to the customer" Is this the correct one? Thanks Tom
  4. Hi @Al Brookbanks Thanks for the info so far - 1. It seems to be consistant on all orders, clicking complete seems to hang for a while. I will try a different paypal extension and see what happens. 2. Change text - excellant thank you very much ! Where would I be able find the textarea in the template file ( I might just be being stupid on this one) Thanks again !
  5. Morning All, Recently got a shop set up using CubeCart. There are a few things I am in need of help with though. 1. The stock paypal extension seems slow. It hangs for around 60 seconds when completing the purchase. Whilst this is not a massive issue as the transaction still goes through. It is not great for the customer experience. Does any one know what may cause this ? 2. At the check out, It has the Notes field. I would like to change the name of this and make it a required field. How would I go about doing this ? Thanks in advance !
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