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  1. So in your case, does an order get generated each month within CC or does that not matter because the subscription provider is handling fulfillment?
  2. Are you using some type of plugin for CC that does this?
  3. When I use the term 'subscription' its not an actual subscription to any type of periodical. I mean it as an auto-renewing order. For example someone automatically gets the same order of coffee sent to them every month. The industry has hijacked the term 'subscription' to mean any type of repeating order. So that's what I'm after. It would have to be something that CC generates itself. OpenCart does this. That's one of the things I'm looking at in regards to considering a move from OC to CC.
  4. Hi All, Is there any way to offer subscription based products? Thanks, CJC
  5. Ok, thank you. I'm going to experiment with it on some test orders and see what it provides. Regards!
  6. Thanks. I did search the forums, but didn't see any posts where someone went through the various fields in the module. Can you explain further; where does the module get the weight from - is it the 'packaging weight' field in the module or the product weight? Also, how are the Package Size, Container and Size fields supposed to be configured? And how do I know if something is machinable? In my case there will be products of various sizes and weights that will ship in different size boxes.
  7. Hi All, New to CC. Is there any documentation for the USPS shipping module? I know I need an account name with them, but beyond that there's several things that aren't clear. Thanks.
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