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  1. bsmither Excellent! Thank you very much! I changed the 'This product is:' to 'Condition:' as it makes more sense, but yes, that works perfectly, and it is in the right spot as well! Ian
  2. bsmither: Again, this is all good and fine, but the condition does not show up on the product page. As I mentioned before, I am using the mican Skin, I see that it works in the Foundation skin, but it is at the bottom of the second page, and not useful there. I would really like to see it on the first page of the Product Details on the mican skin, right after the product name, and just before the Description. And again on the shop by category page, right after the description of each product. Thank you Ian
  3. Thank you! Up to this point, the code works fine, but when I go to the live product on the store, the condition does not show up! I am using the Mican skin, so that might be a problem? Or is the phrase that needs to be added where this will get fixed? Ian
  4. Hello: I do not need the manufacturer as I do not use it, but I would like to add condition, ie what condition is the product in? new, used, good, superb. etc. Can this be done fairly easily? Thank you in advance. Ian
  5. OK, that seems to work ok, There are some things I had to do to make it work completely, but I am I think happier with the results. Thank you. I will let you know if there are any additional questions or concerns with this solution.
  6. I would think this might be the best way to do it, now how would I proceed? Is there any way that this could be incorporated into an updated version of Cube Cart?
  7. When the system displays items, I notice that the sort is not logical. I use numbers for items in my store, but when it is is displayed on a page, the items sort by the first digit. Is it possible to change the “text field” of the Product Field to a numeral field, or add a numerical field for this number, So it can sort 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 instead of 1,10,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,? or is there another way of doing that? Ian
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