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  1. I just randomly picked "Vanilla Skin" -> no placeholders but Kurouto Skin -> placeholders are there strange ...
  2. Thanks, but sadly it still does not work. I also tried creating a new product and it gets no placeholder. I used your config.xml as is and also with the green subtheme as a default. If a freshly installed Minimalizer skin does work for you, that's strange. I can't remember any placeholder images ever, even when I just had installed CC and the skin without any changes. Even more so, the online-version never had the original Minimalizer skin before. I just installed it there and also no placeholders, only with Foundation. every time
  3. minimalizer_config.xml > Original, right out of the box (noimage.png exists) my_skin_config.xml > the one from my modified skin minimalizer_config.xml my_skin_config.xml Meanwhile I must have copied platzhalter.png into every folder there is. As a test, I copied all contents of the Foundation (skin) folder into my own skin's folder. That did not work at all. By trial and error I could use every file of the foundation skin but main.php. Even then, the placeholder images don't show up. Also I did a fresh install of the Minimizer skin by token. Still no placeholder
  4. Above is from putting {debug} into main.php and then go to the shop's homepage. But it's the same result everywhere. Inside content.product.php and then checking the product page, it says (as far as image related): thumbnail => false category => false subcategory => false gallery => false normal => false enlarge => false tiny => false small => false medium => false magnify => true large => false source => false It's like placeholder images are switched off or something. --- EDIT: I switched to Foundation skin and the placeholder
  5. platzhalter.png is in skin/images as well as the default noimage.png "noimage.png" was originally in my config.xml, but it never showed up, only the broken image icon and "no-image" Alt-text. Just to make sure, I also copied platzhalter,png to the main image folder and the shop's root folder as well. This might be another quirk with Minimalizer. Are there any more settings to this?
  6. A couple of the products in my shop do not have images yet. I'd like to display a placeholder image instead. The best I found is this thread: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/52289-resolved-image-not-available-place-holder-image/ I checked the mentioned imagePath() and getProductImage() functions, but did not find any paths to change. In my skin's config.xml I put <images> <image reference="thumbnail" maximum="190" quality="80" default="platzhalter.png" /> <image reference="category" maximum="800" quality="80" default="platzhalter.png" /><!--
  7. I went with your approach #1 and it works like a charm. This line was missing in my main.php <div class="hide" id="val_lang_back">{$LANG.common.back}</div> and I added it. My base is the minimalizer skin (which I regret by now). But I have modified it so much, I don't want to start over.
  8. I deleted this block now. I never got an error message though and I am using the same tab of the same browser for everything. I translated a few phrases after that and did not get logged out. So it did something. Thanks! I do not knowingly have something like this. Also I don't think any of my extensions does this. The strange thing is, that I could work a day or more before without any login, and now with the same browser, tab, everything I got logged out every few minutes.
  9. It's about three or four weeks that I am working on my shop on a daily basis. For the longest time, I had to log into Admin again maybe once every day or even less. For the last days, I am kicked out every couple of clicks. Log in, change a language string, click save, click "Clear Cache" and already I have to log in again. Happens with basically everything I do and it is very annoying. I am working on my local server, so by means of security I could be logged in permanently. Of course I tried cleaning cache, cookies, tempfiles and all, but no luck. Why is this happen
  10. Please read my original post again, everything is explained there. Also my comment directly above yours explains why this error message is not really the problem. Thanks for any mor ehelp, I really need this.
  11. Please don't thank me, you have done so much, it's only fair that I help too if I can. That said, thanks again for the file. Imported it and of course it works. But either I have discovered a bug, or there is something else I don't know. The stubborn "Back" in the mobile navigation is still there, even though in the language file it's set as "zurück". Just for fun, I changed it to "zurück" in the English file too. Switched to English and hey presto ... still "Back", unbothered as it can be. So I dug further and found the JS that creates this menu. I understand JS e
  12. Here is my current language file and the one Merge to File creates. Maybe that helps, had to zip them because of size restrictions. deDE.zip
  13. If I understand you right, this seems like a mayor drawback then? How would one ever have all phrases available, if the language file is not brand new? How would I upgrade CC with possible new phrases to translate? I can totally hack and force my way through the current project and get everything I need. Since I've gotten so much help here, I'd like to repay that a bit and bring the German translation up to date. But there needs to be a way that others can really use my translation and are not missing anything, just because CC might have been upgraded or something. I tr
  14. Let me put this another way. Is there any kind of file that I could use as a base for my translation that includes ALL phrases there are, without converting or changing first? Or would it be enough to change every instance of <definitions> to <translation> in definitions.xml?
  15. Would this work: Copy definitions.xml and rename it to de-DE.xml Translate everything in it and use it as CC's new german language file? If so, this would even be easier for me. I could edit the file directly instead of doing it in sections over the admin. Right now I am sticking to more or less translating what I need in the Frontend. I'll keep the admin in English, since the current translation is first lousy and even more important phrases get longer than the English one and break the layout. If I had only one file to directly edit, it would be that much easier that I
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