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  1. Brilliant thank you! - sorry I have another question , how do you add text and style to the page-header-bar at the top of the page. I have tried and i can't seem to make any changes of it <style> or in the CSS folder. many thanks!
  2. HI NiteFox It would be a video related to the category many thanks
  3. Hi NiteFox, Looking to add a video to each categorise, where the description is for each product
  4. Hello Nitefox, Is it possible to embed a video on the website? many thanks, Lyd
  5. Hi Nite Fox, Thank you for the reply, I have another question aha! is it possible to as a us four images as four separate buttons on the home page as a link to a page of products? as an alternative to the navigation bar. Thanks
  6. Hi Nitefox, Brilliant thank you! it worked, however, when I remove it from the footer/information bar at the bottom it then removes the content when I click on the new button made on the navigation bar. Do i need to write a new style for the new page? also, One of the category already in use, I would like top make into a page on the navigation bar. how do I move the content linked to the category to a new page linked to the navigation bar? many thanks, Lyd
  7. hey all, Is it possible to add a page to the navigation bar at the top of the page? I am struggling to add to it. I currently have the four option that came with the skin, sales categories, advance search, sales items and gift card. However, I would like to change the gift card title, as well as add two more pages. I know basic HTML and PHP, but really struggling with this one haha! thank you for the template! best, Lyd
  8. Hello cube-cart community, I have been using the Basix (Bootstrap Responsive Skin) for a few years now. However my shop is expanding and i need to had a new page to my website, but struggling to edit the navbar, if its possible! I know the basics of coding. Does anyone know how to add a page to the navigation bar? Lydia:)
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