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  1. hi, i would like to offer a coupon discount to a customers BUT the problem how i sent it ?? i saw than exist a coupon discount model email but i don't know where i need to go to send it or how make that ? please help
  2. ok but i'm living in Mexico and that it's totaly legal imagine here they make same in fisical shop, if you paid en cash no problem but if you wanna paid by card they charge you a rate % of transaction....
  3. i understand but the solution as many made is then you TICK the paypal Radio Button , the price refresh automaticly and after it's the customer to click on accept and continue the transaction, with that anyone can't said nothing , it's not to said 5$ and charge 6$ without the permission of the customers, with that it's the same he give his agreement....
  4. hi, I would like to know if exist a solution about paypal payment when user choose to use this one to increase the price about some 5% for the fees but when choose another method of payment the price stay how was define at start ? i used paypal commerce... Customer wanna pay 5$ by paypal => the price increase by 5% Customer wanna pay 5$ by transfert bank => the price stay as normal... Thank you
  5. Hi, I would like to know how can i change the icon and link than appear in the digital product window, for exemple i wanna replace it by a single icon o image with a cloud thank you
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