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  1. So this is an update ... colour me whatever BUT all of a sudden as fast and crazy these problems occured they are GONE !!! ... dont ask ... I have NO clue I did NOTHING other than research and trying to find a solution without success !!! then got busy and could not worry about it for a few days only to go back and try again to make an order and NO PROBLEMS !!!! so to all of you who gave their input and advice, I say many thanks and have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year... I sometimes want to take computers and throw them against the wall, knowing fully well it wont solve anything .... but gosh ... sometimes it would be sooooooo satisfying cheers all, Rudi
  2. ok... first off- thank you for that and my apologies for the delay in replying but it has been a very busy week and no time for me to deal with this. Anyhow... so i did do as you suggested and it is doing the same thing so obviously then it is not a skin issue , am I correct ? thanks again for your patience with me and if you have any other ideas i am all ears cheers Rudi ... what is totally bizarre is that the store worked fine for 3 years and all of a sudden this ???!!! i dont understand what changed as i did not change a thing !!! did browser updates prompt this ... right accross the board ???? this is ... well i dont know what to call it
  3. there are no more updates to the skin as the developer seems no more. adding any product in ANY browser (except FireFox & Falkon) seems to cause this anomaly at least on this machine ... also NO problems on my ipad or Android devices... so i am really at a loss here ALL my browsers are set to allow cookies and all are the latest versions: Vivaldi, Opera, Chromium, LibreWolf, SlimJet, Google Chrome, MS Edge All of them cause this
  4. Hello, I just upgraded to the latest and i was hoping it would fix an issue that has bumboozled me. depending on what browser is used (and that seems MOST browsers BUT it is working fine in FireFox) when you try to add somethiing to the shopping cart it responds with trying to add it BUT the shopping cart remains empty AND the page reloads all wonky I think it is an SSL issue as the site for some reason does NOT want to remail in https BUT in FireFox it does ???? https://antiquana.com/cucashop help please
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