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  1. Thank you so much...if you were closer, I'd inviting you over for apple pie and icecream!!!! I was ready to pull out my hair before you helped!!!
  2. thank you so much.....Tim Holtz i think has 66 colors of one of his ink types......I might be a gonner before I get all of this entered....lol would you have any idea why I get a verificzation error when the CONTACT US is used?
  3. Login to admin panel Extentions)Marketplace Find the mrnu at top of page cslled Extentions Left click Payment Gateways) ePayment interact eTrsnsfer Then download that extetion to storeClick lightning bold next to download symbol to get auto install token Vooy token link Goback to Extentions)Manage Extentikns Paste token link into feild with x's and left Go button Then enable and configure extention Then left click Clear Cache button Your Done
  4. When customer try to use CONTACT US link a message in a red box appears and says THE VERIFICATION CODE IS WRONG, PLEASE TRY AGAIN. What do I need to do to correct this? Thank you
  5. done.....now where do I put the color options for this product? Will I have to do this part for each inventory item with multiple choices? thank you
  6. my son found it..I will ask him when he wakes up....I am also looking for Cash/Cheque @ pickup...will let you know....so LOVE when people pay by etransfer!
  7. I am so not techy...and have a very small store in a rural community...the wholesaler I deal with is now requiring me to make a website (I didn't order enough product last year---sales down due to COVID) I just need to quickly set up a shopping cart type webpage before they will allow me to order again. I entered inventory with pictures, added prices, MAX order will not stay blank so I et veryhting to 100, I cannot find where to make a drop down list for optional colors or sizes. I currently ask customers to enter color choices in the direction box that appears at checkout...wholesaler says not good enough, I must have drop down list.....grrrr.....I've been trying to order since the end of Oct...... www.scrapsoflove.ca PLEASE will someone tell me how to do this....THANK YOU !!!!!
  8. Hi Bev...where did you find the option for etransfer? Thank you
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