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  1. Is it possible to show random products in the sidebar, instead of featured products? Or perhaps to show random products instead of latest products on the homepage? Thank you very much for your time!
  2. I am using the latest version of Cubecart and the 'amzn' theme. I would like to display how many products are in each category. Is this possible?
  3. You were right, the sessions were indeed mismatched. I solved the issue by closing the tabs and manually relogging in via the admin url (//admin_DIX54M.php). Not sure what caused the issue. session ids: cbt83nmdu81tkle6fpa0iv4p1e<-store front 59di37d3mq7sktidjam89k9ktp< admin p9v6efbe3ughn4q99smclcrvq9< cbt83nmdu81tkle6fpa0iv4p1e<- f3fv2b9rqanqol2556mtmm6d5l< edrqmb116qtoktb3865fr2iutv< cbt83nmdu81tkle6fpa0iv4p1e<-
  4. We have separate login details. I also tried creating a new login, logging in on a different browser or on my phone and I can't see the storefront. I have used the Clear Cache button. I'm using CubeCart version 6.5.1.
  5. I am logged in as admin, and when I put the store into offline mode, I can't view the storefront anymore. My client - who is also a logged in admin - can. But I am the one who needs to maintain the store. What can I do to resolve this issue? Thank you for your time!
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