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  1. Hi Guys, Thanks for you help with this matter. It appears the issue with the Cubecart part of the site site was eventually solved by deactivating Cloudflair.
  2. Can anyone give some advice on this problem? I'm getting a blank page with 403 Forbidden on my Cubecart site when I try to access the site using G4 from mobile phones that use the EE phone network. It works fine with O2's G4 network, the problem is just with EE. When I switch from G4 to wi-fi on the same phone all works fine. I am also able to connect intermittently using Firefox on Private mode. The home page which is html and the blog pages which is b2evolution both work, the problem is just with cubecart pages. I have tested this on several phones and get the same result, the effected site is https://www.rugzone.co.uk/rugstore/ Thanks Phil
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