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  1. I've been slogging this one out for hours. I want to keep the center box all white and have the side boxes a color. I'm almost there but can't change the last bits on the center table to white. Can I get some direction on this. I'll read through Twisted's Tutorial again. Thanks. Got it! Finally
  2. Most of what you need to be removed can be found in header.php <!-- start buttons & search --> <table width="220" height="80" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr width="220" valign="middle" align="right"> <td width="80" colspan="2" valign="middle" align="right"> <!-- this used to be a search table search table --> <!-- end search table --> </td> </tr> <tr width="110"> <td width="110" align="center" height="24" background="<?echo"$site_url/";?>images/tab.gif" style='cursor:hand;' onclick='window.external.AddFavorite(location.href,document.title);'><a href='#' target='_self'><font class='wht_btn'><?echo$la_add_favorites?></font></a></td> <td width="110" align="center" height="24" background="<?echo"$site_url/";?>images/tab.gif" style='cursor: hand;' onClick="location.href='control_panel.php'"><a href='control_panel.php' target='_self'><font class='wht_btn'><?echo$la_your_account?></font></a></td> </tr> </table> <!-- end buttons & search --> As for your store_logo being transparent you'll have to use a graphics editor like PaintShop.
  3. Would that be bevel_bg.gif coach?
  4. I like it. I think you should add descriptions of your products which you can do in admin/products/edit it would help not only the visual but aid the buyer to make a more informed choice. Also you might want to work on your store_logo and optimize it to make it smoother. Altogether a very nice start.
  5. Just dump your cart contents into the root directory.
  6. Thanks for the peek. It looks as if it's working to me and the Admin thing is a permissions setting. He doesn't want scads of strangers changing settings.
  7. They're in your root directory. I just installed this hack and it works very well. The "Newest Product" box is new.
  8. I like the tie to Genesys and the work you are helping to do is certainly worthwhile. You might want to put some info about it on the front page rather than having to click on "about us" I never would have known and would simply have thought you were selling out dated equipment (which was my first thought.) Then I followed the links in your post.
  9. roban

    Zen Cart

    Good luck with ZC. We'll see you when tech support doesn't answer.
  10. Dunno Rob that's where I put it. Your modded nav.php is much smaller than the default but I don't get any difference in the tree at all.
  11. Sorry I am getting color blind in my old age, it's a dark grey I guess. The white text is much better.
  12. I have a problem with the black text links against the dark blue background. I can't read them. You might want to either change the text color or lighten the background color. The dark brown doesn't really blend too well with the blue IMO.
  13. I like the pastel theme. One thing you might want to consider is getting rid of the language box since the various languages don't work and you can use the space for sale items. Otherwise looking good so far.
  14. I agree with getting rid of the pink. The products are suggestive enough without hammering it home. Besides the white background of the boxes against the pink makes it look unfinished. I would also ditch the text in the category box or either use just images or text, one or the other. You might want to replace the category box altogether with an html space for more descriptive text.
  15. A big item to consider is the support you'll need....and get! CC is by far the friendliest and most knowledable of all. I tried them all just like you did and have not regretted my choice of CC one bit.
  16. That's a hoot. Now if I only had time.
  17. I'll probably celebrate by spending the day getting rid of all the rrors caused by the mods i've added.
  18. Yep very sound indeed. I use a PO box and don't regret it.
  19. I think you did a really nice job on that. The only thing that occurs to me is when the menu drops the cursor is in the way of the first item. I'm wondering if you can't make it so the box stays open when you move the cursor or have the drop offset. Not a big problem and otherwise it works well. Congratz.
  20. roban

    Live Stores

    www.Bluehost.com You like? If you ever decide to use them let me know. (I get credit) :D
  21. roban

    Live Stores

    This is what I pay $95.00 a year for. Disk Storage 2 GB Free Domain Name ** Support International Domain Names POP3 Email Accounts/Web Based 1000 Forwarding Email Accounts Unlimited Email Autoresponder Unlimited Gigs of Site Transfer 75 GB/mo Add-on Domains 5 Parked Domains 20 Subdomains 20 Additional FTP Accounts 1000 MySQL Databases 10 PostgreSQL Databases 10 CGI-BIN CGI Library PHP Support Perl Support Server Side Includes Frontpage 2000/2002/2003 Extensions Account "Control Panel" FTP Access Shell Access (SSH) Override .htaccess Support Anonymous FTP Webmail (Browser Based Email) Log Files + Site Stats Customizable Error Pages Web File Manager Custom Cronjobs Hotlink Protection Spam Assassin Protection Fantastico Script Support FREE WEBSITE PLUG-IN SCRIPTS INCLUDED Bulletin Board (Message Forum) Form-mail Script PHP Nuke Guestbook Chat Bloggers (Web Blogs) Mailing Lists Image Galleries Poll/Survey Web Auctions Help Center/Support Ticket Many, Many Others... E-COMMERCE FEATURES INCLUDED SSL Secure Server OS Commerce Shopping Cart Agora Shopping Cart Free Generated Certificate Password Protected Directories OpenPGP / GPG Encryption MULTIMEDIA FEATURES INCLUDED Supports Streaming Video Supports Streaming Audio Real Audio & Video Support Flash Support Macromedia Shockwave MIDI File Support Add Own MIME Types WORLD CLASS TECHNOLOGY INCLUDED High Performance Xeon Servers Customized Apache Web Server UPS Power Back-up, Diesel Back-up Generator 24/7 Network Monitoring Mirrored Storage Backups OC-48 Backbone Connection SITE PROMOTION INCLUDED Search Engine Submission FREE, Search Keyword Analyzer FREE, Search Engine Position Report FREE
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