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  1. I'm not able to access your site at http://suse.cube
  2. Please post the contents for your includes/global.inc file
  3. please post the contents of your includes/global.inc file here. You can x out the password stuff.
  4. My directories were 755 with no problems.
  5. images/upload/ Chmod to 0777 images/upload/thumbs/ Chmod to 0777 0644 should do for the rest
  6. You've got a good start now it's time to keep going. The site is sparse and that's a good thing because you have room for some things like text and images. I question your putting that huge credit card logo in there. It has become the main focus of the page and unless you are selling Pay Pal and credit cards I suggest you use something smaller and placed in a more inconspicuous place. Google images is a great place to look for one. You keywords are sparse as well and need to be added to. Use the Overture Keyword Selector tool for this. Your About Us page looks more like a Buy From Us page. Get down and personal with this page, it's important. Customers are going to want to know who they are dealing with so tell them in this page. Put an address (not a PO Box) and phone number in here as well. This can help in instilling confidence in your company. The more text in these pages the better. Don't be skimpy here. The site doesn't look professional yet. It looks hastily put together. Take your time and do some work every day. If this were a brick and mortar store you would be re-arranging the shelves, adding new stock, placing new ads, etc. An on line store is no different and takes the same kind of attention. You are in a highly competitive market and you have to at least stay head to head with your competition so find out what they are doing and then do the same or better yet, one better.
  7. As an addendum to ansuk's comments I would add that it is possible to create a site in Front Page (although Dreamweaver would be better) with links to your cart pages and in that way you can have your front page design as you want it. The problem with this approach is that when a link is clicked it takes you to a page that looks nothing like the original unless you are able to edit the Cube Cart files to look exactly like your html pages. Several people (including myself) have tried this and have always gone back to using Cube Cart as a stand alone product.
  8. roban

    Restaurant menu

    There is a Quick Edit Product Options mod at cubecart.org that might be just what you're looking for. If you can't find it let me know.
  9. Here is a random image generator I've used in the past. It's java and you'll have to configure it for your needs. <!-- TWO STEPS TO INSTALL RANDOM IMAGE: 1. Copy the coding into the HEAD of your HTML document 2. Add the last code into the BODY of your HTML document --> <!-- STEP ONE: Paste this code into the HEAD of your HTML document --> <HEAD> <script LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> <!-- Begin // Set up the image files to be used. var theImages = new Array() // do not change this // To add more image files, continue with the // pattern below, adding to the array. theImages[0] = '1.gif' theImages[1] = '2.gif' theImages[2] = '3.gif' theImages[3] = '4.gif' // do not edit anything below this line var j = 0 var p = theImages.length; var preBuffer = new Array() for (i = 0; i < p; i++){ preBuffer = new Image() preBuffer.src = theImages } var whichImage = Math.round(Math.random()*(p-1)); function showImage(){ document.write('<img src="'+theImages[whichImage]+'">'); } // End --> </script> </HEAD> <!-- STEP TWO: Copy this code into the BODY of your HTML document --> <BODY> <script LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> <!-- Begin showImage(); // End --> </script>
  10. Sounds like you have your server name wrong. In most cases it's 'localhost'. However yours could be different depending on the host. I have seen some hosts give out different host names for the same account on different servers.
  11. New key? What is that? Why can't you get up and running?
  12. In the includes/content/index.inc.php find this line: for($i=0;$i<count($latestProducts);$i++){ Replace with this code $across=4; $index->assign("TW",100/$across); for($i=0;$i<count($latestProducts);$i++){ if (!(($i+1) % $across)) { $index->assign("TXT_TR","</tr><tr>"); } else { $index->assign("TXT_TR",""); } in skins/{insert skin name}/styleTemplates/content/index.tpl replace all code between <!-- BEGIN: repeat_prods --> and CODE <!-- END: repeat_prods --> including those two lines above with this code CODE <table width="100%" border="0"><tr> <!-- BEGIN: repeat_prods --> <td width="{TW}%"> <div style="float: center; text-align: center;"> <a href="index.php?act=viewProd&productId={VAL_PRODUCT_ID}"><img src="{VAL_IMG_SRC}" alt="{VAL_PRODUCT_NAME}" border="0" /></a> <br /> <a href="index.php?act=viewProd&productId={VAL_PRODUCT_ID}" class="txtDefault">{VAL_PRODUCT_NAME}</a> <br /> {TXT_PRICE} <span class="txtSale">{TXT_SALE_PRICE}</span> </div> </td> {TXT_TR} <!-- END: repeat_prods --> </tr></table> The $across variable is used to specify number products across.
  13. You have to make a button with text in it.
  14. Locally. I suggest downloading it and reading the instructions. That's what I did and I'm retarded so if I can do it so can you.
  15. Have you entered the new password hash into your database? You have to do this before logging in.
  16. Never used XAMPP but I've used JSAS very successfully.
  17. 1. Homepage Link in Categories List on the Store Homepage To change this link, OPEN skins/xx/styleTemplates/boxes/categories.tpl FIND this code: Classic or Legend skin: <li class="bullet"><a href="index.php" class="txtDefault">{LANG_HOME}</a></li> Killer skin: <td class="topCatsTabMid"><a href="index.php" class="txtCat">{LANG_HOME}</a></td> REPLACE index.php with the new link you wish to point to, example http://www.mysite.com SAVE the file and UPLOAD the altered file to your webserver. 2. Hompage Link in Useful Links box on the Store’s Cart Pages To change this link, OPEN includes/boxes/cart.inc.php FIND this code: $links[] = array ( 'link' => "index.php", 'text' => $lang['front']['boxes']['homepage']); Please note that the code 'link' => "index.php", appears elsewhere in this file, but you need to change the one in the block above that calls for ‘homepage’ from the language file. Again, you simply replace index.php with the URL that you want the link to point to. SAVE the file and UPLOAD the altered file to your webserver. 3. Do you wish to change the text, “Homepage� If you also prefer to change the text “Homepage†so that it says “Home†or something else, you will need to alter the language file. This is the best method of making it consistent on both the store pages and the cart/registration pages. To change this text, OPEN language/xx/lang.inc.php At around line 1464 FIND the code: 'homepage' => "Homepage", PLEASE NOTE that this code appears more than once in the file, and the line number will probably be very different for you . . . You need only change the code that appears below the section $lang['front']['boxes'] = array( and change only the part shown in red above! Change Homepage to whatever you want the text to be for your new links. SAVE the file and UPLOAD the altered file to your webserver. The above text is copied from markscart's wonderful tutorial on changing links.
  18. The information provided is not complete enough for anyone to know how to better arrange their site for search engine optimization. It is purely very basic and non-configurable. To do what you want I would suggest opening a Google Analytics account and add the code to the pages you want to track such as index.tpl and cart.tpl. You will then have more than enough information.
  19. That would replace the code in your new box. You'd have to create the button image, upload it to your server and then link to it. The code I posted is only an example. <div class="boxTitleRight">Guest Book</div> <div class="boxContentLeft"> <a href="http://www.mia-g.com.au/gbook"><img src=here you put the link to your image for example:"http://www.mia-g-.com/button.gif"></a> <border="0" > </div> <div class="boxFootRight"> </div>
  20. Hi Tom and welcome to Cube Cart. Please make sure your currency (USD) is set at 1.00000 As for the audio, there are several php audio scripts that can be integrated successfully. Head on over to resourceindex.com and I'm sure you'll find a freebie to play with.
  21. You can always insert a button image and link to it. The code would look something like: <a href="http://www.mia-g.com.au/gbook"><img src=here you put the link to your image for example:"http://www.mia-g-.com/button.gif"></a>
  22. At least you have a steady job. Glad it worked for you.
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