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  1. Filezilla has a web site that includes documentation and a support forum. There is also a link to the Filezilla WIKI where you will find FAQs that answers many basic questions. see http://filezilla-project.org/
  2. I can't tell you which Gateway would process your online payments but I host at least four stores that sell cigars. They accept credit cards payments through the CubeCart gateway that handles postal payments. The form can be customized to allow (or not) credit cards, money order, checks and bank transfers. The buyer prints out the form, enters the information and sends it to you via postal mail. As long as a check is not tht method, the form can pay by fax.
  3. With respect for the willingness to help, I have to say that the above answer is not well formed. It makes too many assumptions without any groundwork and glosses over the fix. Here's what I believe is the problem - and the solution. There are 3 default themes (skins) packed with CubeCart3. (Killer, Classic and Legend). When CC3 was installed, the theme was selected. You may have added a 3rd-party theme, too. It is common that the available themes are uploaded to the server and sit there, even if only one of them is actually used. From your description, it sounds like to are editing one of the themes that is not active. To confirm this out, go into your your CC Admin Control Panel > General Settings > Styles & Misc. > Skin Select one of the other available skins and save the changes. Then look at your Store. You may have to do that for each of the available skins until you see that you are looking at whichever skin you have been editing, recognizable by some of the changes, such as the logo. If that's the case, just make sure you are editing the desired skin. Take note that even though there may be great similarity of names of files in various skins, they actually are sufficiently different that one cannot sub for another. Let us know if that works. If it doesn't, you should consider inviting one of the local gurus in these forums to look at your server.
  4. jerseyjoe

    Hi! Yes, I'm new.

    That's must be an old photo then Joe. Yeah, the Internet is an ever-changing animal, always new things to learn. I love it. It's about 5 years old taken at the cast party of a Broadway show. The photo over at "the other" forum, in my favorite red shirt, is 2 years old, taken at a sidewalk cafe, facing the beach at Manly, AU (one of the best beaches ever.) See http://www.cubecartforums.org/index.php?showuser=411
  5. I can't speak for PsiGate, but PayPal does the conversion, and in a manner similar to the way ATMs in a visited country work. My plastic is based in the USA and its dollars. When I use it in Australia or Amsterdam, the transaction (be it a cash withdrawal or a purchase) is done in the local currency but then shows up in y own account as exchanged dollars. I am not aware of a user doc for CC and I don't see why one would be needed, even if it were practical. The user functions are quite limited but vary enough in actual action, thanks to mods or general settings unique to a site, that there would be too many exceptions and options that would make the doc more confusing than the actual pretty intuitive user GUI itself. BTW - have you seen the documentation at www.cubcartforums.org? It's really impressive.
  6. jerseyjoe

    Hi! Yes, I'm new.

    I agree completely re the new design considerations. My response was narrow to his specific situation. Frankly, I don't know what to do about adapting to the mobile screens. Surely it will become a significant consideration. I have seen almost no discussion of how to design for the mobile screen, and I don't know if the parameters are sufficiently defined to be useful. There are as many screen UIs as there are phones. And even when the size is the same, you have such factors as the difference between how iPhone handles screen clicks compared with Blackberry Storm, different aspect ratios and so on. I guess we need to start "back to school." And just when I thought that turning 76 years old next monTh would exempt me from having learn anything new!!! WHEN, OH WHEN, WILL THAT STOP??
  7. jerseyjoe

    Hi! Yes, I'm new.

    It's a nice graphic and you have chosen a clean CubeCart skin. By coincidence I have just recently completed a CC3 store with a product line of items for similar products. http://babiesnewpinkandblue.com The only thing I might change, other than the previously mentioned suggestions, is to choose a skin that displays well at any screen resolution, starting with 800 pixels wide, such as the one I just linked to. There are still people with that setting on their monitor who must scroll left / right to see yours, and they don't like that. You have made the right choice in selecting CubeCart. You will discover an important and valuable reason is the excellent support you will find here in these forums and in the alternative forums at http://cubecartforums.corg
  8. I see that the error msgs at www.ask4cask.co.uk/cube/ all refer to "mounted-storage" - who or what is that? How are you installing? I mean, are you creating your own MySQL database and uploading CC via FTP or or are you using some kind of installer provided by your host?
  9. Is there a good reason to put this store in a folder other than root? And I just satisfied myself, by looking at a few of my installations, that you uploaded the entire "uploads" folder, not just the contents of the folder.
  10. Yes it can. See www.babiesnewpinkandblue.com I do it with almost every CC store I build. It's taken me a while to learn all the tricks. There are a number of approaches that accomplish it. Go search on "move site docs" at the alternative CC resource site http://cubecartforums.org.
  11. Looks like that to me as well. Also, it is possible that you uploaded the entire "upload" folder, not just the CONTENTS of the upload folder? That would explain why the paths in the error messages all contain that snippet " . . . /ask4cask.co.uk/cube/upload/ . . . " I don't think /uploads/ should appear in that path. I'd wipe it all out and start again, taking care to upload only the CONTENTS of the upload folder, not the folder itself.
  12. One way to do it is create a Category called Gift Certificate and then Add New Product called Gift Certificate. http://itsgreektomejerseycity.com/index.ph...at&catId=24 This method requires the buyer specify how many units is being bought to set thevalue of the certificate. I could also have used the Product Options to create Certificates of different different values. Finally, go to http://cubecartforums.org and search on "gift certificate." I'm pretty sure you'll find a mod for that.
  13. I'm jerseyjoe, not Joe Pesci, but if I were, and this was the movie Goodfellows, here is where I would ask, "Was I just insulted? Did he just insult me?" My friend, you ask that someone other than me give you directions. There is only one place where the docs are. I gave you more than directions. I gave you a link. The docs contain the answer to what you asked. This community of free advice, is a very helpful community, but you have to help yourself, too. Throwing free advice back at someone who is trying to help you will not win you many friends or advice. Now go look at the docs. After you look at them, if you still have a problem, bring it here and we'll try to help you.
  14. I can make the links work and put text into the search box in Chrome, IE7 and FireFox. No problem. I'm guessing you are having a cache issue.
  15. which skin are you using? Also, if you are going to have a successful CubeCart store, you will want to acquire a few skills that can help you have a site that stands out. Take the time to look over the excellent documentation at http://www.cubecartforums.org/docs/
  16. The site is effective at presenting what you offer but if you are seeking improvement, you might consider softening the general hard-edged look that results from all the square corners. Maybe rounding them off? Or vignetting the photos to soften the edges? Also, a tip about copy layout. A line of text becomes harder to read as the character count goes up. The eye jump from the last word on the right side back to the first word on the left line is difficult to sustain for more than four or five lines. The wider the block of text, the fewer lines of text in the paragraph should be for ease of reading. So, on the Home Page, consider breaking that first block of text at (unless you choose to give a peak!). - btw it's "peek," not "peak," unless you are referring to a certain portion of female anatomy sometimes alluded to as "embonpoint." An alternative would be to put the text into a table that limits the character count to something closer to the character count ideal. I did a quick search on the issue of how line width affects readability. Some of the results are worth thinking about. http://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1GGLS_e...ot;+readability
  17. While the advice and comments from Mysty are quite accurate, especially as proofreading, my comments will take a different approach, that of copywriting. My advice must deliver the unwanted "negative advice" because the situation cannot be addressed without recognizing some basic truths. The ease of building an eCommerce store using CubeCart (and others) has resulted in thousands of web sites filled with meaningless "mission statement" blather. That's what we have here as well. There is little or nothing in the subject text (other than name, location and dates) that just about every other self-absorbed web site business says about itself. This kind of self-aggrandizing "sales" copy is meaningless, other than making clear that the person offering it really hasn't a clue about his customers. Selling is NOT about the seller; it's about the buyer and the buyer's perception of his/her needs. If something that connects with the buyer's needs cannot be said, it would be better to say nothing at all. The text copy under discussion is just the seller's promises and boasting. I mean, think about this. When were you ever impressed and convinced to buy by someone's web site statements such as those? What text might work? Of course, it must be true, but I would want to see such statements, if true, as We answer all email enquiries within 2 hours (or whatever you can support), seven days a week. Orders placed before (name the time of day) will ship that day. After XXpm, will ship the next day. We have the largest inventory of widgets in (name the area, town, country, etc.) We will not be undersold. Show us an advertised price for the same item and we will meet or beat it. etc. How can I be constructive here? There are resources, huge and generous resources, on writing effective copy. There are literally millions of web sites that "get it" and are worth emulating. Start with a Google Search on the phrase "writing effective copy" (in quotes). Then do another search using "writing sales copy" (again, keep the quotes). Or hire a professional copywriter. The Google results offer copywriters' paid ads along the right side of the search results as well as highlighted in yellow, at the top of the results. They need not be expensive, although, as with anything else, you get what you pay for. I noticed that one of the highlighted ads offers a $98 "new client special." I have no idea of his quality but I give him points for doing exactly what copy should do, get my attention. He is speaking to one of my own perceived needs (save money), not boasting about "honest & efficient service" or anything else that is about him but means nothing to me.
  18. jerseyjoe

    change text

    kind of hard to answer you without more specific information. Exactly which words do you wish to change?
  19. I don't use CC4, so must assume (with the usual risk) that the option of multiple images for a product is as available in CC4 as it is in CC3. What you would do is add one or more images that are closeups. In CC3 the option is accessible when looking at View Images. Look beneath the thumbnail for a link "Manage Images" If it's different in CC4 perhaps someone else will correct me, please?
  20. Actually, it's a very simple thing, with more than one fix. You need to restore the deleted file. The least technologically challenging fix is to contact Support at your hosting supplier and tell them to restore the file from a back up. If they say they do not have a backup of your site or cannot / will not, start shopping for a host service that provides the level of professional service on which you can build your business. Hosting is not where you should be looking to save a few pennies a day - which is the difference between the all-too-common less than $10 a month service and the $20 per month of a full service professional. (end of lecture). I'll have to assume that you have access to your server, otherwise, how could you have deleted a file? You probably have access either through an FTP application or via the File Manager of a web site Admin Control Panel (ACP) such as cPanel (note: not the store's ACP; the web site's). Whatever gave you access to delete a file probably also has access through which you can upload a new copy of the deleted file. Where to get that file? Here in the CC web site you can download a free copy of CC3 - or a free trial of CC4. Either way, the download will contain the lost file. Just be sure that the version of CC is the exact same as as the one your site uses, for example, if your site is built with CC 3.017, a general rule is do not uplaod the same file from 3.018 unless you have confirmed they are exactly the same. Hope this helps.
  21. That makes sense but are you saying that the fix is as simple as editing that file? Of course, I could test it, but I'd prefer to know, before I try, if I am doing the right thing.
  22. In addition to creating a few CCs, I also have a few hosting servers. I have noticed a weird thing for CC stores whose hosting accounts are setup before the DNS transfer to my server is set at the Registrar. Let's say my server is "NS1.myserver.com", the domain is "domain" which the server will render as "~domain." So when I set up the account, the URL while I install CC and build out the store (but before the DNS transfer is http://myserver.com/~domain Usually, for sites that are NOT a CC, after the DNS is changed at the registrar, the URL displayed is http://domain.com in other words, the server address drops out automatically. But for CCs that are built before a DNS trransfer, I enter the URL as: http://domain.com and when the active store's home page is displayed, the URL becomes http://myserver.com/~domain (those who understand this issue will know that the tilde (~) is a common display for a shared server until the DNS is transferred). And it remains that way though the session. That address also prints out on Faxed Orders and show up in order confirming emails. As you can imagine, the client is unhappy with that and the client's customers are confused as to who they are dealing with., I know how to prevent this (only build a CC after the DNS transfer) but how can I fix it for a site already built? I have two of them that need fixing.
  23. Thank you for your suggestions. But, as I said to Robsta, those are way above my MySQL skills. I think it would be fair to say that my blundering around has only made the situation worse. I need to pay someone to fix this. If you are interested in doing that, please PM me. BTW - the CC versions are the same. The dbs have different names. You are right that Cats need to be assigned to the products after the file i imported and accessible and my client is ready to do that herself. But we need help to get the products file installed. Thanks, Joe
  24. First of all, thanks for the prompt response. This is way beyond my skills. May I send a PM with the access to both versions and ask you to look at it/ if you think you can do what needs doing, I'd be happy to pay you. BTW (isn't there always a BTW) the reason I am not trying to import the Categories is the Server A installation is corrupted. It's a mess. The main problems is there are Categories that claim to have products but do not - and therefore can't be deleted. And there are Reptitons of products even though they are assigned only one Category. Rather than try to repair that, but while trying to avoid the need to reenter all the 320 products, it seemed to me that a fresh installation on another of my servers, would work. In recognition that the new installation would need Category IDs, and in order to eliminate copying over the corrupted Categores from the Server A, db, I striped out the CAt ID from the Server A exported of CubeCart_inventory - and replaced them with all one Cat_ID. The idea would be that the site owner would then only need go back through and re-assign the CaAts in the ACP's Products interface Obviously - as I said - I'm incompetent to fix the problem. Please let me know if you are open to being paid to fix the problem. Thanks again, Joe
  25. I have a v3 store on Server A. I have recreated the exact same store on Server B - except that B has no products and no categories and no products. I have deleted the Test Category and Test Product from B. From A, using phpMyAdmin, I have exported the table CubeCart_inventory. In doing that I chose the option of exporting as an MS Excel CSV. When I try to import that file into B I get an error that there is a field count error in line 1. The number of titled columns (which I am thinking is the same as "fields") appears to be the same in both the A file and the one in B. The db names are different (if that matters). Any idea what's the cause (and cure) of the problem? If someone who understands the issue wants access to both servers or a copy of the exported file, I can provide. TIA
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