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  1. It seems you have deleted some customer account(s) orders were created using it. You have to delete orders using SQL manager OR simple SLQ query using TRUNCATE table query.
  2. convict

    Category list

    Please read the helpdesk ticket i replied you didnt finish mod installation. Your issue is NOT standard CubeCart related to :dizzy:
  3. This happens when you vary admin URL links W/WO www within mainly. As Brivtech suggested, do clear all cookies related to your domain.
  4. Well the reason of such behaviour is twin template sections. You have to use different name for bottom section name in paginate area like <!-- BEGIN view_all2 --> and <!-- END view_all2 --> and add $view_cat->parse("view_cat.view_all2"); just after $view_cat->parse("view_cat.view_all"); @Mark :)
  5. As Mark mentioned the right place to do it howver this is simple hack out of function: viewCat.inc.php SEARCH FOR $productResults = $db->select($productListQuery, $config['productPages'], $page); ADD BEFORE IT // View All by convict --> if ($page === "all") { $config['productPages'] = $db->numrows($productListQuery); $page = 0; } elseif ($config['productPages'] < $db->numrows($productListQuery)) { $view_cat->assign("CAT_ID",$_GET['catId']); $view_cat->parse("view_cat.view_all"); } // <-- View All by convict viewCat.tpl SEARCH FOR <div class="pagination">{PAGINATION}</div> REPLACE WITH <div class="pagination">{PAGINATION} <!-- BEGIN: view_all --><a href="index.php?page=all&amp;act=viewCat&amp;catId={CAT_ID}" class="txtLink">view all</a><!-- END: view_all --></div> Have fun!
  6. Mark really? What about Google for cubecart downloadable product options <_<
  7. convict

    Stock Levels

    Maybe out dated but helps to someone else too... admin/orders/order.php includes/orderSuccess.inc.php SEARCH FOR REPLACE WITH
  8. Posted this as a bug a long time ago. Just dont use upercases in html tags, </BODY> especialy <_<
  9. Please read what I wrote above carefully. I suggested some settings and actions to test SSL is installed correctly. If so, you can enable the SSL afterwards. If you are unable to browse store under SSL (any page) there is nothing to activate becasue of SSL certificate issue.
  10. convict

    Free Shipping

    Feature you are after exists as a free mod. PM sent.
  11. The default cubecart SALE product list query could be much easier becasue of products. It seems your category index table is a bit messed up. Default cubecart doesnt know sale prices related to categories that means default query used for products in sale (viewCat.inc.php): could be much easier and NO multiple occurences there:
  12. Leave SSL setting as you posted. Use following global settings: $glob['rootDir' ] = '/home/liannakl/public_html/shop' ; $glob['rootRel' ] = '/shop/' ; $glob['storeURL' ] = 'http://www.liannaklassen.com/shop' Do access your store with https://www.liannaklassen.com/shop' - browse your store, basket page either. if SSL is installed properly you must have https without additional slashes there.
  13. There is a simple hack just for you: Open includes/content/gateway.inc.php SEARCH FOR $gatewayModules = $db->select("SELECT folder, `default` FROM ".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_Modules WHERE module='gateway' AND status = 1"); REPLACE WITH $gatewayModules = $db->select("SELECT folder, `default` FROM ".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_Modules WHERE module='gateway' AND status = 1 ORDER BY folder DESC");
  14. Admin area is nothing else than html folder => it is possible.
  15. All depends to place where your backround image should shown ... box tile, box content area.. BTW: You are not able to set backround image dimension property in CSS, this is done by area dimension backround image belongs to The magic thing backround repeats in dependance on foreground area and repeateable limitations presence.
  16. Maybe a feature to show tax and shipping regardless to customer status (anonymous/logged-in) :)
  17. Document templates? Did you mean site documents? If so just have a look what roban wrote. You might add your code to a global index.tpl template at any place you would like a seal.
  18. Stock reduction happens once order status is changed from Pending to Processing - ONCE only doesnt matter automaticaly (triggered by payment module or manually). That means you can change order status from Pending to Processing several times it doesnt matter - only FIRST change does the matter. If products is tangible and uses Stock level, stock is decreased upon order status change to Processing (must be) (first time only). It doesnt matter PayPal or any other gateway, if gateway has an flag to change order status to processing once payment is successful it runs THE SAME CODE => gateway used is not relevant but status change flag. PayPal Standard/IPN does update order status automatically. A bit of explanation above LOL. If your order status is not changed to Processing NO stock level change by any expectation. PayPal email confirmation is not relevant to CubeCart it seems your PayPal IPn is disfuctional for some reason.
  19. Well your link above is pointing to an empty folder suppose DNS points to a new BLANK site.
  20. Well please can you post the URL to your store to ensure standard CubeCart code for PayPal IPN doesnt work for you? If so, it seems to me host switching is the best choice. :huh:
  21. Yes - windoze based mysql export produces table/column names in lowercase because of windows, linux is case sensitive :yeahhh:
  22. @Kulsha Just follow the error notes: "Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct (/clientdata/clients/d/a/x.com.au/www/sessions/) open(/clientdata/clients/d/a/x.com.au/www/sessions//sess_62a2a48b0937185bd0209d1cacfc4b84, O_RDWR) Take care on paths as EverythingWeb posted above, do not use slash at the end of path.
  23. Brivtech, cool but how about to add clickable links to the lats two URLs? :dizzy:
  24. Alan I sent you an explanation + fix via PM. State update to FALSE is the quickest but uncomfortable solution. Have fun! BTW maybe time to write a list of NON RECOMENDED cc3 built-in payment gateways on store selling digital goods. This is an example: Authorize AIM PayPal Standard PayPal PRO PayPal Express Checkout . . . . and moooore DO NOT ADD PAYMENT PROCESSOR NAME to its description area, this is highly recomended.
  25. includes/ini.inc.php is the best location, this file is always loaded even by installation. Install CubeCart: please modify install/index.php: SEARCH FOR session_start(); include("../includes/ini.inc.php"); REPLACE WITH include("../includes/ini.inc.php"); session_start();
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