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  1. Uff, you are right, hint about search form is missing Just open skins/Killer/styleTemplates/global/index.tpl and delete {SEARCH_FORM}. Session box {SESSION} (Welcome and Login, Logout, Register) will be here, but with a gray background. This depends on style class sessionBox (<div id="sessionBox">). You have many possibilites where will be session box placed, remaining on place but with different class or........right, left side with additional definitions (send me a msg if you want any help about) . Milos
  2. At first, backup any file below 1. Open skins/Killer/styleTemplates/global/index.tpl Delete: {SEARCH_FORM} {RANDOM_PROD} {POPULAR_PRODUCTS} {SALE_ITEMS} 2. Cut {MAIL_LIST} and paste after {LANGUAGE} save file. ------------ Open skins/Killer/styleTemplates/boxes/mailList.tpl Replace every Right to Left in class name in 2. anf 3. row: <div class="boxTitleRight"> change to <div class="boxTitleLeft"> <div class="boxContentRight txtCopy"> change to <div class="boxContentLeft txtCopy"> save file. 3. Open skins/Killer/styleTemplates/boxes/categories.tpl remove this code: Â Â <!-- BEGIN: sale --> Â Â <td class="topCatsTabLeft">&nbsp;</td> Â Â Â Â <td class="topCatsTabMid"><a href="index.php?act=viewCat&amp;catId=saleItems" class="txtCat">{LANG_SALE_ITEMS}</a></td> Â Â Â Â <td class="topCatsTabRight">&nbsp;</td> Â Â <!-- END: sale --> save file. Hope this is usefull Regards Milos
  3. Not implemented yet:D Very well subject to write a mod About 70 php files are using include lang file with default language in admin folder :rolleyes:
  4. File Name :: Language support for categories CC3 Author :: convict Category :: Minor Description This tiny mod allows you to add diferent names of categories for other languages. View File
  5. Easy way, if you are familiar with frames, use page frames. One frame for shop, second for your links. But it depends on priority of index files. Index.php can't be first one. At most the first should have be a index.phtml, try it.
  6. Everything is possible if you have sufficient knowledges about destianation's necessary data and you are experienced with CC structure. Or be acquainted with somebody skilled.
  7. Make a separate identical product, qty 5, link option color=red and image with red T-short :w00t:
  8. I have made language support for categories for CC 3.0.1. As you wish, try it on Convict's Demo CC Store. This site shows doc site names in other languages, this time slovak only. Permisions and time limited admin access: Login: demo Pass: demo Work: - new table - new file admin/categories/languages.php - some edits: admin/categories/index.php includes/functions.inc.php (+ new function) includes/boxes/categories.inc.php includes/content/viewCat.inc.php - finaly 4 new rows in lang.inc for every language Brooky, this is for test ONLY ;)
  9. For Slovak and Czech users....some small modifications required. Zip file attached.
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