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  1. Please see Bug #914, thank you.
  2. CubeCart version 3 maintenance release will be published soon. :yeahhh:
  3. Please download and apply files from a package mentioned here: http://forums.cubecart.com/index.php?showtopic=33714
  4. Missing file(s) is the reason. CC3 > CC4 UPGRADE REQUIRES includes/ini.inc.php includes/global.inc.php CC4 > CC4 UPGRADE REQUIRES ini.inc.php includes/global.inc.php Please note CubeCart 4 package DOES NOT contain includes/global.inc.php thus no risk of current file replacement.
  5. CubeCart 4 uses UTF-8 character set. MySQL up to 4.0.x version DOES NOT support UTF-8 character set natively, 4.1 and newer versions have built-in support for UTF-8 that is the reason of your issue. Minimal mySQL version recommended is 4.1.2
  6. No Internet explorer version has a proper CSS implementation as MS does standards themselves. :wacko:
  7. convict

    PayPal URLs

    Please read this forum thread http://forums.cubecart.com/index.php?showtopic=33337 and knowledge base article https://support.cubecart.com/index.php?_m=k...56&nav=0,17
  8. This is the html file of all file differences between 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 except encoded files, language files, setup files and non important ones. cc421_422_diff.html
  9. Sorry but this is not encoder related. Encoder is any code functionality independent. If the admin session is detected the prices are shown regardless to your customer login status. In other words once you are logged in as an admin you'll see all prices regardless to your guest store front-end status. It seems you were logged in as an admin first time and did not for second one.
  10. What web server OS is this issue related to? This is not a cubecart matter.
  11. Custom coding is required as there is NO SEO related things in the default import tool support yet.
  12. CubeCart since v4.2 sends exact IPN URL to PayPal however PayPal does not allow you to enable it without a valid URL. Valid means formal it does not check the URL already exist but must have the URL format and valid top level domain. PayPal IPN feature since CubeCart 4.2 does override the IPN URL in PayPal defined. It is suggested to post a real URL to a real PayPal IPN file as I have mentioned to prevent confusion but you can enter something like this: http://mystore.com Hope this is clear.
  13. This issue already in revise status, posted as a bug last month.
  14. Don't know what kind of CubeCart ]variables[ you would like to use in STORE OFF LINE page. offline.php offline.htm offline.html are very suitable to write a valid XHTML page as the build-in message ability does not have any html header/foter code thus no html page result.
  15. As I see your support access is available, please open a help desk ticket in SUPPORT department, thank you.
  16. No this is not as the same as CubeCart 3. This is a small misunderstanding by 4.2 release. The code to show PayPal IPN and Return URL is commented out because into checkout form added but forgot PayPal does not set IPN feature without a URL. Please see html source code on PayPal CC4 admin setting page for the exact URL as this is generally like: http://your.store.tld/index.php?_g=rm&type=gateway&cmd=call&module=PayPal
  17. Thanks! Best to use the bug tracker for at http://bugs.cubecart.com, thank you.
  18. Well lack of informations about thats true, sorry. Following file names are supported in store root folder: offline.php offline.htm offline.html
  19. Please check the sale prices in your admin product details set. Sale price must be less than normal one.
  20. Small customization to force selection of shipping option could be the trick. :rolly:
  21. CubeCart 4 does not allow 2 people logged into the admin using the same credentials at the same time work simultaneously.
  22. It seems no issue there testing your store.
  23. Code is correct but this is the latest if (salePrice($productResults[$i]['price'], $productResults[$i]['sale_price']) == false) { $view_cat->assign("TXT_PRICE", priceFormat($productResults[$i]['price'], true)); $view_cat->assign("TXT_SALE_PRICE", ''); } else { $view_cat->assign("TXT_PRICE","<span class='txtOldPrice'>".priceFormat($productResults[$i]['price'], true)."</span>"); $salePrice = salePrice($productResults[$i]['price'], $productResults[$i]['sale_price']); $view_cat->assign("TXT_SALE_PRICE", priceFormat($salePrice, true)); }
  24. I suggest you to try read the warning messages carefully. Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/flapjack/domains/flapjack.nl/public_html/shop/ini.inc.php:224) in /home/flapjack/domains/flapjack.nl/public_html/shop/classes/session/cc_session.php on line 172 As red marked says OUTPUT STARTED ..... ini.inc.php - file name where output started 224 line of file above where output started at As greebowarrior mentioned blank line(s) just after ?> is most likely the reason of such behavior. Please edit ini.inc.php to remove unwanted lines a the end, save and upload using FTP ASCII mode.
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