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  1. What about to use Product Options? It is a standard CubeCart3 feature it does exactly what you are after.
  2. Add Homepage link into site document box manually skins/YOUR SKIN/styleTemplates/boxes/siteDocs.tpl
  3. @chrisjchrisj Do remove language folder which exists under language folder at your store and all will be fine. Make sure you uploaded mod language folder to the store root folder and please do not post any link to any modder store because of forum rules :dizzy:
  4. Too much categories vs time priority. Just open a helpdesk ticket at our store (you purchased mod) please.
  5. Such mod exists and is for free ;)
  6. It seem you didnt run upgrade.php from upgrade/scripts/3.0.12-3.0.13.
  7. convict

    Double Emails

    hi convict, I am using 3.0.14, is a newbie, and facing the same questions. 1.when sending test emails, I got double emals. I followed your methods, replaced the two code blocks,however, it doesn't work. 2. when I was placing testing order, I didn't get any notification emails. I also read the bug report,and modified the related codes, but it doesn't work yet. regarding the issues above, could you give me any ideas. thanks in advance I suggest you to PM me with site details will have a look at.
  8. Yes there is a 'middle way' - time limited stock change. If customer who bought something stoc is decreased but never paid within 48hrs order is deleted, stock increased :)
  9. convict

    admin blanked

    You have to upgrade your account to superuser OR add super admin manually: 1) using DB manager like phpMyadmin 2) using php script Simple script will update yourusername to super admin. Replace yourusername with your one. Just make a php file (content above), upload to site root folder and "run". Run means add URL with path to this file and hit <ENTER> in your borwser. :)
  10. Nothing to add. SHIPPING = Handling fee + (No. of products * Shipping cost)
  11. Database is corrupted. Try to use phpMyAdmin to repair table, ask host. Such issue happens when hard disk is full. Odpovedam aj tu :)
  12. CubeCart doesnt support different languages on product options as is.
  13. I wonder what would you said having heavily modded cc3 3.0.8 (about 25 mods (8 major)) to the latest finished Best is to upgrade every release is out almost imediately BUT who does have a time to do it? :lol:
  14. Happy BIRTHDAY I am late, sorry */*
  15. If somebody used such email address it doesnt mean you were hacked Somebody tried to purchase without a payment thats could be the right interpretation however this is NOT ubi re vera.
  16. MySQL Error Occured 1044: Access denied for user: 'parrots_mrsph@localhost' to database 'parrots_store'
  17. There does exist a free solution Ship by Subtotal/Flat rate/Free in Zone or Zone independent No external link to 3rd Party stores allowed, PM sent :(
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