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  1. Custom module required please ask in http://cubecartforums.org
  2. Please google for Quick Checkout, speed up the checkout
  3. I am aslo encountering this problem for catagories and products. Although creating catagories and products works in the admin the site pages do not exist on the server. http://www.sbsdigital.co.uk/gifts CC V4.3 You can find the reason and fix >> here <<
  4. Well custom coding is required because CubeCart does not allow to change language and currency at once. This could be a simple hack to add 2-7 lines of code to the language change code and enhance the URL with currency. I think this has been already done anyway best to discuss this in 3rd Party area forums at htt://cubecartforums.org
  5. Custom coding is required but depends what is the exact CubeCart 4 version
  6. Please google for "Advanced PayPal Subscription CC4" this is exactly what you are after.
  7. Well this affects CubeCart 4 ONLY because of CURL solution. See this article please.
  8. You have to use the same links like in language dropdown used like index.php?_g=sw&r=index.php%3F_a%3DviewProd%26amp%3BproductId%3D1&lang=ru You have to generate links dynamically. Link above is the link to product ID 1 using lang ru
  9. Emails upon order payment are sent automatically. If the order is pure digital the order is to the COMPLETED changed automatically so the download link email is sent too. If this does not work for you it means PayPal standard IPN file is not run. You should investigate the reason why it is not run. Error to download a file means the path to file you set in product details page is WRONG. Please ensure the correct server path to file is entered. "Adding Downloadable Digital Products guide for cc3" is just different way how to use more downloadable links as far as I know.
  10. Please ensure ALL files were uploaded becasue some files are still missing.
  11. I am sorry but built-in UPS module is for US origin only.
  12. Admin >> General Settings >> Time & Date: Time Offset: (Seconds - Used for servers in different timezone) Just use - to deduct and + to add seconds to server system time. Adjust time to: - add one hour just add +3600 - deduct one hour just add -3600
  13. Pleased you download my free mod however best to place this request to different forums - http://cubecartforums.org :-) Thank you!
  14. What CubeCart version and what payment gateway used?
  15. Try to search in Google for all products view
  16. Main pages are in your skin styleTemplates/global folder located: index.tpl - catalogue home page cart.tpl - checkout main page
  17. Please see this article: https://support.cubecart.com/index.php?_m=k...79&nav=0,17
  18. It depends to sort of issues. You should open a ticket at http://support.cubecart.com and specify, thank you.
  19. Please open a Sales ticket instead of Support at http://support.cubecart.com we'll be happy to have a look and give a hand to solve this probably. Please post the FTP credentials too. Thank you.
  20. Thing goes well it should be ok for EVERYONE within 24 hours due to DNS records matchess.
  21. If you sell tangible products and order has one tangible products at least you have to change the order status in admin area manually to COMPLETED. If order has digital products only and payment is successful order status is to COMPLETED changed automatically. Only COMPLETED order status change produces FULL details email.
  22. I assume you did not turn the SSL to YES in CubeCart admin, did you? What are the differences in URL on result page you tried to login to admin side? I mean http: vs. https access. If you would like to browse your store with disabled SSL in CubeCart admin you must have the proper SSL settings in CubeCart admin set. Any wrong setting produces some mess like your one. There are some useful articles about SSL: https://support.cubecart.com/index.php?_m=k...=24&nav=0,2 https://support.cubecart.com/index.php?_m=k...=35&nav=0,2
  23. Yes, I can confirm this package has faulty files. It is not suitable for a clean install! Don't use it until fixed one is published. See the list of wrong files "red marked" from a REPORT below: Report.html Thanks to KEN
  24. If you don't have a valid SUPPORT don't hesitate to open a ticket in Sales department due to the Software License Error #12. We can generate a license file manually.
  25. This message is to USPS shipping module related - zero order weight. If you would like to ship something it must have some weight efined > 0. Make sure products inventory do have weight defined > 0.
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