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  1. Hi all, We run a shop for a client that sells LED light bulbs for the auto industry. They sell the bulbs individually but also sell 'kits' for specific cars. The client would like the ability to create a 'kit' from existing bulbs/products in the store. I would think some sort of Grouped Product module would work well. Is there anything like that? Any recommendations? thanks! Jim Clanin DoubleDome Web Technologies
  2. nevermind - I cleared the cache folder and it finally worked.
  3. Hi - I want to remove 'homepage', 'Sale Items', and the product number in brackets from my category menu - I see where to do this in the categories.tpl which works fine if I don't have the Tree menu turned on. When I turn it the tree menu on the site seems to ignore the categories.tpl file. So, how do I make these changes with the tree menu turned on?? thanks!
  4. Hi All, I'm trying to use the Import feature. I first added a product mannually and then exported the catalog. Opened in Excel to see the format and followed it adding several products. Saved as CSV. Imported. Used the mapping function correctly - Product Name = Name... etc... But then when I import it does not come in correctly. The mapping is off. The description becomes the name; price becomes the description; etc... What am I doing wrong? thanks, Jim
  5. Hi all, What if the order total is for $30 and the user enters a coupon code of $100? Will that user have a $70 credit - I would imagine not. What will happen? thanks, JC
  6. Has anyone gotten Amex to work with Authorize.net? -JC
  7. Does anyone have an idea of why this might be happening? Visa works fine and Authorize.net assures my client that they are ready to accept Amex. I just get "Card Not Recognised". I'm not getting much response from this forum which is troubling since it's supposed to be the main support arm of CubeCart. Any help is greatly appreciated. --JC
  8. Hi all, I've got Authorize.net working just fine with a Visa card but get "Card not recognised!" when trying to use an Amex. Any ideas? thanks, JC
  9. Hi all, We just got Authorize.net enabled for a new client site - I've got testing and debugging turned on. SSL is installed and working properly. But.. I'm now getting this message when I try to check out: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: curl_init() in /home/bedstuff/public_html/modules/gateway/Authorize_AIM/form.inc.php on line 153 Is this something simple to fix? thanks, JC
  10. What is the relevance to the order number? It is very long - I would like a much shorter number that is consecutive & date based. Any thoughts on how I would change this? thanks, JC
  11. Hi all, Since the "built-in" 3rd party shipping methods don't actually work, I would like the ability to add a 2nd Flat Rate shipping method/choice. -- The goal is to have two shipping methods: $3.50 $5.50 (international orders) Is this possible? thanks, JC
  12. I have an option set/name (Package Choice) with 4 attributes. Most of the products use this option set and all attributes. I have a few products that I need to add another attribute to for it's Package Choice option. When I add an attribute to that option set/name and then add it to the appropriate products, that 5th attribute shows up as a separate drop-down box entirely. It should just be a 5th option in my Package Choice option set. Any ideas? JC
  13. Hi all, I want the options to appear in the order that I enter them for each product. Not alphabetically. Any ideas? thanks, JC
  14. Any content I put in the Category description area through the admin does not show up on the site. Any ideas? thanks, --JC
  15. Hi all, My clients' site (tunerdomes.com) shows some inconsistent views of category icons. If you click on "Shop By Ride" and then the sub-cat "Acura" you'll see all the sub-sub categories for Acura. Scroll down and you'll see mis-alignment issue where there is only one image on a row - there should be three on all rows. Any ideas? thanks, JC
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