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  1. The latest security patch for CC 3.0.12 shows small changes at line 49 in /includes/content/gateway.inc.php but the file inlcuded in the patch download doesn't have those changes. ???????
  2. No one has had this problem? I just discovered that if I change the Javascript packing slip pop-up with a regular link to open it in a blank window, it works on IE in Windows and all browsers on Mac. It appears Mozilla / Gecko on Windows is the issue. It just won't print the items if there are more than one page. It prints fine if there is only one page. ?????????
  3. This is a strange one. I didn't find it searching the forum but I can't imagine it isn't happening to someone else. Printing a packing slip is fine if it is only a single page on any OS and any browser. With Windows, as soon as it becomes more than one page, the products listing prints blank on all pages, but all the other information prints fine. It happens on all browsers using Windows but is fine on all browsers using Mac. I have tested it on multiple systems, all with different printers and it ALWAYS happens on Windows and NEVER happens on Mac. Browser or printer doesn't seem to matter. Any thoughts?
  4. Authorize.net will let you do a little dressing up of your transaction input page, but not much. You can customize the header and footer with limited code. I just put references to the top and bottom page graphics from my store home page and matched the background color so it looks similar enough. You have to leave your domain to go to their site as they are your secure payment gateway. That's the whole point of it. Since the customer is returned to your store on submitting the purchase (if you have it set up correctly), it's not that big a deal. In the case of vanity vs. security, it's a good trade-off. By the time your customers are on Authorize.net, the purpose of your store has been achieved. Do what you can to the Authorize.net page and then put your energy into the store itself. The Authorize.net page REALLY won't matter if no one is enticed enough by your store, products, and presentation to want to go that far.
  5. The file is back up. Many, many thanks for that!
  6. Can't seem to get on that site. Is it down?
  7. Great! Let me know when you have it available and I will buy it straight away. Thanks. Any news on the additional mod to only send email if the transaction is approved? I need to have that along with the split transaction mod. That US$9.01 is burning a hole im my pocket! Thanks.
  8. Great! Let me know when you have it available and I will buy it straight away. Thanks.
  9. This looks good. The client also doesn't want to receive the notification emails (admin emails) if the orders are not accepted by the gateway. That email is sent BEFORE it goes to the gateway. Do you have a mod or hack for that? I think it would just be a question of moving that whole process to the success page in some way. I can probably do my own hack, but would rather get a mod from someone who has already done it successfully. BTW - Tried to buy your mod and it says you have no payment types available. I'm in the U.S. Can you not take orders from the states?
  10. I'm not sure if my hacking or the mods installed would cause this but support just emailed me back with a fix telling me it is a bug. I am using 3.0.6. He says it will be fixed in 3.0.7.
  11. Yes, I'm afraid I will have to go in and hack some more. I have done extensive modifications to much of the cart to add a new type of module (addons) so that they can add expidited shipping to orders in addition to the regular shipping calculations, I modded Goober's shipping mod to do both fixed rate bands or percentages, I also added a function that allows you to make a product exempt from shipping when adding or editing that product. I had to change data tables, create some new tables and modify a lot of pages. It works great but I will never be able to do any upgrades to this cart without wiping out all the modifications I've done. I still really need someone to solve the option attributes display bug on the admin interface. That is really pissing my clients off.
  12. Here's a problem that my client has come across. Some customers are ordering a quantity of 1 two times for the same item instead of a quantity of 2 for that item. The two identical items show up on the order but CC only calculates the cost of one of them and that is what is listed as total and also what is sent to the gateway. I assume it has something to do with CC seeing the same item number or something. Can anyone help with a fix for this? Thanks.
  13. All good points, but my client doesn't see it that way. I think the mod you are talking about is Sir William's order export mod. I bought it and it is great. I just have to talk my clients into accepting the way the cart does the orders or get in and hack away on my personal test store until I get it to work.
  14. My client doesn't want to have emails sent or the order written to the database unless it is completed and approved by the gateway (authorize.net). He doesn't care about the paper order forms being entered as orders and would, in fact, prefer to NOT have them written to the database as he processes mail orders separately. The way CC is set up, it sends the admin an order confirmation and writes it to the database as it leaves to go to the gateway. If the card is denied or the customer is denied, the order is still there pending and the customer receipt and admin emails are sent. He doesn't want any of this to happen until the gateway returns a successful approval. Has anyone been successful with doing this mod? I can't imagine that other store owners aren't dissatisfied with having to weed through and delete a bunch of worthless orders by comparing them to the gateway responses. Big waste of valuable time. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. I have tried dozens of things with no luck. It appears to be core to the way the page is built. It is cueing the displayed option attributes by the pagination of the upper option attribute window. I'm a bit too much of a novice to break it down yet. I really need this fixed. If somebody gets it, please post immediately. This doesn't solve that problem, but look at lines 356 & 357. There is a remark that is on the same line as a php out tag. It effectively voids it. It seems to me the out tag should be starting 357 or, better yet, that out and the next in tag can be removed altogether. There is no reason to pop out of php there. They are all over the place. It doesn't seem to make a difference, but it looks strange.
  16. I have a client that sells hats, clothing, sports accessories, etc. here in the U.S. who is very concerned about the fact that the cart gateway (Authorize.net) is being told by CC3 default to Authorize and Capture for every transaction. He says it is illegal to charge before you are actually shipping the product. So if something is out of stock or requires any amount of time to get out the door, he is freaking out about the fact that the funds have been settled at the end of that day. He says he can't legally do that. What I need to do is have CC3 send x_type = "AUTH_ONLY" instead of the default of x_type = "AUTH_CAPTURE". Then I guess I would have to have them log into their Authorize.net admin interface when shipping and do a "PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE" from there using the x_trans_id that is returned with the original authorization. Any tips for doing this and also how to alter the transfer.php script to send as AUTH_ONLY properly would be appreciated. I am assuming I just put in an additional hidden html form element that is x_type = "AUTH_ONLY". I still need to work out how to retreive and store the x_trans_id returned from the gateway. Thanks.
  17. Solution from CC support that worked like a charm: Add: ini_set("magic_quotes_runtime",0); to includes/ini.inc.php
  18. I had to turn on magic quotes for some old scripts to run until I have time to rewrite them and a store I had working now doesn't add products to the cart when you click on the "Add to Cart" button. I added goober's "ship by value" mod at the same time so I don't know which one broke it, or if it is either one of those causes at all. Anybody know if magic quotes has to be off for v3.06 to run? (I tried putting an .htaccess file in the root directory with the flag command to turn it off, but it didn't help) The button uses javascript to call the process but I can't figure out why that would break because of either of the above reasons.
  19. Anyone know why I would be getting this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function mhash() in /home/virtual/site16/fst/var/www/html/modules/gateway/Authorize/transfer.inc.php on line 125 I think I have authorize.net set up right and the merchant id, Transaction Key and Relay Response URL appear to be right in the CC3 admin setup for Authorize.net. The MD5 hash value is not set on my authorize.net account (because I don't know what the value would be to put in there). This is my first merchant / shopping cart site so I am kind of finding my way by bumping into walls in the dark. Any help would be appreciated.
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